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The cable included with your NIC is a WOL or Wake On LAN cable. Wake on LAN is an optional feature of the card and is not required for the NIC to function properly. Some new motherboards do not need the WOL cable for Wake on LAN to work. The support is built into the PCI slot, and in this case the customer will have to reference the motherboard manual or manufacturer´s website for setup information.

Both ends of the three wire cable are not the same. The connector with the large key way will connect to the motherboard, and the smaller connector will connect to the NIC. To use this optional feature you will need to have additional software installed on your computer such as Magic Packet.

What is Wake On LAN?

Wake On LAN provides remote wake-up technology which enables systems to be remotely powered “on” for off hours tasks. A result of the Intel-IBM Advanced Manageability Alliance and part of the Wired for Management Baseline Specification, this technology helps save time on automated software installations, upgrades, disk backups and virus scans. Wake on LAN technology resides in a managed network adapter and on the system motherboard.

Which of D-Link´s network adapters support the Wake-On-Lan function?

D-Link now has five NICs that support WOL:

  • DFE-500TX rev E1
  • DFE-530TX+
  • DFE-538TX
  • DFE-540TX
  • DFE-550TX
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