Jun 25

Google have changed Chrome as of version 42. It now disabled Java by default.so you need to re-enable Java,then you can visit mydlink.com.

When visiting mydlink.com you will see an error:


To re-enable Java, you will need to go to the following address (chrome://flags/#enable-npapi):


Click “Enable” to re-enable the Java plugins.

Restart your browser and you will then be able to use Java again.

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  • At 2018.03.11 14:35, Jan-Erik said:

    When will there be a mydlink web portal that supports Chrome 64?
    What is the plan? Neither my Google Chrome 64 or my Microsoft Edge 64.
    You recommend an old less secure Internet Explorer. But that must be temporary. What is the plan for support 64 bits?

    • At 2019.01.09 01:32, rohk said:

      Same question here, it is a shame. Looks like dlink is outsourcing its dev instead of having a really qualified team…

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