Feb 12

The following setup is for iOS users only.


Note: Before set up, please ensure your iPhone/iPad is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you want the D-Link DSH-C310 to connect to.




Step 1:  Power on your DSH-C310 and wait until the power LED starts to flash orange/amber.



Step 2:  Launch the Apple Home app.


Note: The Apple Home app is automatically installed when using IOS version 10.0 or above. If you are using iOS 11.2, please update to 11.2.1 (or higher) since HomeKit experienced some issues in 11.2. 


If you don”t have Home app installed you can download it from the Apple app store on your iPad/iPhone.



Click Get started then click Allow.



Step 3: Tap Add Accessory.


Note: If Bluetooth is turned off on your iPad/iPhone you will be prompt to turn it on.


Click Turn On.



Step 4: The Apple Home app will now search for the camera.


Note: If the camera is not found please reset the camera – How do I reset my DSH-C310 camera?


Tap your DSH-C310 (Omna 180CamHD) camera.



Step 5: Tap Allow.



Step 6: Scan the code on the back of the camera.



Step 7: Tap Next.



Step 8: Tap Done.



Step 9: Tap on your camera under Favorite Cameras to see the live video.



Setup is Complete

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Feb 09

1. The two devices must be connected to power outlets and electrical wiring which belong to the same electrical system.

2. Connect the adapter directly to the wall socket instead of a powerstrip/surge protector. Filtering circuits in the surge protector can interfere with power line technology.

3. Verify that the Powerline LEDs are lit. If not, move one adapter to another outlet and try again. If they are lit, they are connected.

Note: By default all D-Link Powerline devices are configured to communicate with each other. Try factory resetting the adapters to establish communication if the above fails.

  • Power on each adapter
  • Press and hold the reset button (put a paper clip into the small pin hole) for 10 seconds and release.

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Feb 09

Note: Screen shots and menu wording my differ depending on your camera model. The D-Link DCS-8000LH does not have a web UI so you must use the mydlink Lite app.


There may be a few reasons why the video is only in black and white:


1. Night mode may be manually turned on.


To verify, log in to the camera”s web UI or launch the mydlink Lite app:


Web UI – Go to Setup Audio and Video. Under Day/Night Mode, if Always Night Mode is selected, change it to Auto or Always Day Mode. This will change the image back to color.



mydlink Lite app – From the Live View screen, tap the mode icon in the lower right corner. If it is displaying the “moon” image, it is set to night mode.



Tap it to change to either day mode (sun and cloud icon) or Auto.



2. Black and White may be enabled.


Log in to the web UI of the camera. Go to Setup Image Setup. If the B/W box is checked, it will display the image in black and white. Uncheck to change to color.



3. Low light conditions/environment – If the day/night mode is set to auto and there is low light, the camera will automatically switch to night mode making the video black and white.


4. The cut filter may be stuck. If you do not hear any clicking when changing from day mode to night mode, the filter may be stuck. Please contact tech support if this is the case.

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Feb 05

You can use your voice to control your camera with your Google Home Smart Speaker and Google Assistant. Before proceeding, make sure you have:

1. Installed your camera and registered for a mydlink account using mydlink Lite.

2. Make sure your mobile device, camera, and Google Home Smart Speaker are all connected to the same wireless network.

Note this FAQ applies to the D-Link DCS-936L, DCS-2530L, DCS-5030L DCS-8000LH, DCS-8010LH, DCS-8300LH, and DCS-8525LH cameras. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed. The D-Link DCS-936L is used as our example:

Step 1: From your mobile device, download the Google Home app from Google Play or the App Store.


Step 2: Start the app and follow the instructions to discover and add your DCS-936L, or tap the settings icon (upper left corner) to bring up the menu.


Step 3: Tap Home control.


Step 4: Tap the plus icon to add a device.


Step 5: On the Add devices page, tap mydlink Smart to bring up the mydlink sign-in page.


Step 6: Enter your mydlink username (email) and account password. Tap Sign in.


5. After logging in, your DCS-936L will show up in the Devices tab under Home control.


6. You can also give your DCS-936L a friendly name for use with voice commands under device details.



Using voice commands to control your D-Link DCS-936L:

To enable live video streaming, you can give the voice command “Hey Google, turn [nickname of camera] on”.

To disable live video streaming, say “Hey Google, turn [nickname of camera] off

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Feb 05

Your D-Link DXS switch or DWS switch switch may be in Router Mode. To confirm this, please run the following command:

Step 1 From the console# command prompt, type show system mode.

Feature State
———- ———-
Mode: Router
Qos: Active

In this case if you check your switch’s interface you will not see default gateway.

From the console# command prompt, type show ip interface.

Proxy ARP is disabled

IP Address I/F Type Directed Broadcast
——————– ——————– ——————– ——————–

Step 2: To change to Switch mode please do the following (Please read all disclaimers carefully)

From the console# command prompt, type set system mode switch qos active.

Changing the switch working mode will *delete* the startup configuration file
and reset the device right after that. It is highly recommended that you will
backup it before changing the mode, continue ? (Y/N) Y
Startup file was deleted

Step 3: The system will reboot and come back in switch mode. Now will able to see default gateway option by doing the following.

User Name: admin
From the console# command prompt, type show system mode.

Feature State
———- ———-
Mode: Switch
Qos: Active

From the console# command prompt, type show ip interface.

Gateway IP Address Activity status Type IP Address I/F Type
—————————— —————————— —————————— —————————— ——————————

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