Nov 28

3 Modes that can be use to connect.


Router Mode:



Connect your DSL/cable modem to the DIR-510L with an Ethernet cable.


The DIR-510L connects to your cable modem, DSL modem or other Internet source and shares your Internet connection with your devices wirelessly, providing Internet access for an entire home or office.


Note: For best quality, we suggest this application be used by no more than five users simultaneously.


Mobile Router Mode:




Connect wirelessly, using a 3G/4G adapter with an active SIM card.


The DIR-510L allows you to wirelessly share your Internet connection with other devices when you are on the go.


Note: You must have a compatible 3G/4G USB adapter and be within your ISP’s satellite coverage area. Plug the 3G/4G USB adapter into the USB port 1A, which is the port located near the top of the DIR-510L. Also, your SIM may require a PIN.


Check the D-Link website for information about compatible 3G/4G USB adapters.


Hotspot Mode:




Connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot.


The DIR-510L can connect to an existing wireless network with an Internet connection, such as a hotspot at a hotel, airport, or coffee shop, allowing you to share that single connection with multiple wireless devices. All you need is the Wi-Fi Network name and password of the hotspot you would like to connect to.


Note: For best quality, we suggest this application be used by no more than five users simultaneously. It is highly recommended that you password protect the shared Internet connection on your DIR-510L.


Nov 26

For best results, the D-Link DAP-1320 needs to be placed in an area where it receives good signal from the extending source (router).If the DAP-1320 is placed in an area where signal strength is poor, it will not be able to properly extend the signal.


D-Link suggests placing the D-Link DAP-1320 approximately half way between the source (router) and the desired area you want to provide coverage to.

Proper Placement


Improper Placement



Nov 26

Step 1: Log into the setup page of the D-Link DWC-1000

Step 2: Click on the Advanced tab > AP Profile

Step 3: Select Profile and click on Configure SSID


Step 4: Select The Radio that you want to apply the SSID to and select SSID


Step 5: Save Settings

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Nov 26

Step 1: Log into the D-Link ShareCenter Pro

Step 2: Click on Disk Management and iSCSI Target.

Step 3: Click on iSCSI Targets, select Target name and click Edit


Step 4: Click Next


Step 5: Enable CHAP Settings and Input Name and password and Click Apply


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Nov 24

You are NOT required to use these drives for successful operation. Most other SATA drives will also be compatible.

Disclaimer: Drives that have been tested and approved by D-Link will be flagged with an asterisk (*). Drive models that do NOT have an asterisk (*) by them are currently being used by end users but have not been internally tested or verified by D-Link.

SATA Hard Drives


USB Printers




UPnP Routers


UPnP Cameras


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