Jan 26

Step 1: Attach the USB hub to you PC with the USB cable provided.


Step 2: Open the Wireless USB Control Center software


Step 3: Select the Administration tab


Step 4: Enter Admin password in the Enter New Adminstration password field and enter password again in the Confirm Adminstration password field to confirm and click Set. User Passwords can also be set here.

When attempting to access the Administration screen you will be prompted to enter the administrator password:


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Jan 26

This article teach you how to config a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P.

Step 1: Upgrade the firmware on the DES-1228P to the latest version.

Step 2: Download and install the latest Smart WLAN Manager software.

Step 3: Connect the DWL-3140AP into the DES-1228P (make sure the power and LAN LED turn on).

Step 4: Run the Smart WLAN Manager software. Click on the Discover Wizard button on the top left corner if the software doesn’t detect the DWL-3140AP right away.

How to configure a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P?

Step 5: Enter the DHCP IP pool range and then click on Add.

How to configure a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P?

Step 6: Select the discovered DWL-3140 and click on Save.

Step 7: Right click on the access point you wish to setup and select Configuration. This is where you can configure the basic settings such as the IP address and SSID.

How to configure a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P?

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Jan 26

Editor’s review:

The D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-615 annihilates any excuse you may have to not move to Wireless-N (300Mbps speed cap). With a price of about $40, the router is cheaper than even some Wireless-G routers–which cap at 54mbps–such as the Linksys WRT110. And you’ll get a lot for the price. While the DIR-615 lacks Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports, it has everything else you’d want from a Wireless-N router. It has decent wireless throughput speed and range and accompanies an easy-to-use Web interface and a generous set of networking features. If you are looking for upgrade your network to Wireless-N and don’t need any fancy features, look no further than the essential DIR-615. It is a great entry-level Wireless-N router that gives you possibly the biggest bang for your buck among wireless routers.

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Router User Reviews


The DIR-615, as expected from the price, doesn’t have a lot of wireless features found in high-end D-Link routers, such as Dual-Band, GuestZone (which enables you to make a separate wireless network for guests), or SharePort (which allows for use with USB devices). It does have a long list of networking features and a very responsive and intuitive Web interface.

Starting with the DIR-685, D-Link incorporates a Capcha with the log-in of the Web interface. This provides more security, but if you hate having to read the distorted text, which is how the Capcha determines that the input is not generated by a computer, this could be a nuisance. The DIR-615 offers numerous network features found in other Wireless-N routers from D-Link. You can then set up manual port forwarding–where you map information coming to a certain port to another computer in the network–or use the router’s preset settings for different applications and services such as instant messengers, BitTorrent, IP phone software, virtual servers, and so on. It also offers a comprehensive set of parental control tools including Network Filter, Access Control, Web site Filter, and Inbound Control. These tools allow you to control the network and limit access to the Internet by specific criteria, such as setting a computer to only allow access to instant-messenger services during a certain period of time. The router also lets you customize its firewall to allow some services, but not others.

Some user reviews:

techzav said:

D-Link DIR-615 works great for me! We tried a Linksys WRT-120 but it was not wrking well. The D-Link is easy to set up and does everything we need. For us, an outstanding product.

It Works great for us! Easy to set up and install. Even if the DIR-615 were more expensive it would be a super value. After spending 5 hours with Linksys “live chat” our WRT-120 still would not work. We use ours for Laptops and Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSI.

rancher33 said:

I registered just to say it works fine for me. I used the set-up CD. I connected it wireless to a Blue Ray (Wireless N) for streaming Netflix. No problems…streaming wirelessly within a hour. (On the Blue Ray I had to disable wired Dynamic IP after doing a firmware update via ethernet on the BD) Excellent signal strength…. Wireless G laptop immediately recognized the network, excellent signal strength. Ran a ethernet cable to my Directv HD DVR….recognized the connection immediately.
No lock-ups, no reboots, no error codes, no tech support calls.
Haven’t had a reboot yet.
Everyone’s experience and equipment is different, but I wanted to chime in with how it went for me.

crvols said:

On Windows 7, it is a quick, easy and flawless install. Good solid connect during heavy downloads. Steady, quick during on-line gaming such as World of Warcraft.

Many had perhaps not followed the simple instructions. Read the instructions and follow the prompts from the provided CD install disk. Full configured by itself without intervention on my behalf on a newly installed Windows 7 operating system. Excellent security settings.

I had attempted to install two different manufacture routers Netgear and a Linksystem unit. Neither would function. The perceived cheapness of the DIR-615, is no reason to pass by the unit. It is an excellent starter unit or even that of an upgrade over an older and none functioning unit.

Now Price Range

$50.71 – $64.99

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Jan 25

The most important step is creation of a reasonable networking scheme, our FAQs will use the below scheme.

Step 1: Choose Setup->VPN and then Add->IPsec VPN. Fill in the following values.


Name: Whatever you like.
Local Net/Mask: Enter the LAN Net of the DIR.
Remote IP: Enter the WAN_IP of the Hub
Remote Local LAN Newt /Mask: Enter the Concentrated Network from the Hub.
Authentication->Pre-shared Key: Whatever you like
NAT-T Enable: Checked
Keep Alive: Keep Alive
PSF: Perfect Forward Security is on.

Step 2: Choose Save Settings.

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Jan 25

D-Link promoted channel chief Nick Tidd to the role of president for D-Link North America, one of several executive moves the networking vendor revealed Monday.


Tidd’s a lot of recent title congenital a dual role: vice president of sales for D-Link Pan America and president of business for D-Link North America. He accustomed at D-Link in May 2009 after a long stint as channel chief at 3Com (NSDQ:COMS), answerable with remaking D-Link’s channel program with an eye toward better partner profitability and helping VARs bazaar against band-aid sets, not specific products.


“Nick’s leadership, eyes and aberrant business accuracy acquired from added than 23 years of experience in IT and networking will now be available to the entire North American region,” said Tony Tsao, president and CEO of D-Link, in a statement. “We are confident in his ability to leverage diverse corporate resources into a streamlined operation that is focused on profitability, deepening its operational structure, and building solutions finely tuned to customer needs.”


In his new role, Tidd will oversee D-Link’s entire North American operation and look to drive increased midmarket enterprise, SMB and SOHO sales of D-Link products throughout the region. Tidd was recently named one of Everything Channel’s Top 25 Channel Mavericks of 2009.


D-Link unveiled a number of other executive changes as well. Michael Fox will be the company’s new channel chief with the title of vice president of U.S. solutions channel sales, where he’ll oversee D-Link’s forthcoming Channel Partner Program and also drive D-Link’s efforts to expand into federal government accounts.


Elsewhere, Patrick Piwowarczyk was named vice president of U.S. enterprise sales, Michael Walsh was named vice president of information technology for North America, Phyllis McCullagh was named vice president of sales operations, and Mark Ciprietti was named vice president and general manager of business solutions sales for D-Link Canada.

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