Feb 06

Step 1: Log into the unit by entering the switch’s IP address in a web browser. The default username is admin with no password.


Step2: Choose the menu L2 Features->VLAN->Static VLAN on the left hand side.


Step 3: In the row for VID 1 click the Modify button. Switch any port that will be untagged on your new VLAN to the None radio button for that port. Click Apply when finished.


Step 4: Click the Show All Static VLAN Entries link. Click on the Add button. Enter your desired VID and VLAN Name for your new VLAN. Any port you wish to be a member should have its Egress radio button selected. Untagged members require no further modification. Tagged members must also have the Tag check box checked. Hit Apply when finished.


Step 5: Select the menu Save Services->Save Changes. Click the Save button.


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Feb 04

– Boxee Box by D-Link, Pebble(TM), Home Automation Products Take Home 15 Awards

When the curtain closed on the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, D-Link, one of the world’s largest computer networking companies for home and business, returned home with 15 best product honors.

D-Link debuted a complete lineup of new products under this year’s theme, “Link Your Life”, all geared to making the digital home more entertaining, more secure and more energy efficient with the latest connectivity solutions.

The biggest winner was The Boxee Box by D-Link, a beautifully designed, full-featured media player that allows users to gather, organize and stream their favorite movies, TV shows, music and photos from their PC, home network, storage devices and the Internet to their HDTV using only a remote control with QWERTY keyboard. No PC is required. Users can also share their content with friends and relatives over social media sites, ie: Twitter, Facebook and others, directly from the TV. It took home the following awards:

– Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Best of Innovations in
the Home Theater category
– Yahoo/CES Last Gadget Standing Winner
– Laptop Magazine Best in Show
– Popular Science Magazine Product of the Future
– G4 TV Best in Show
– CNET-TV Best in Show Finalist, Home Theater category
– Business Solutions Magazine Top 10 Best Gadgets at CES
– Global Marketing Partners’ Top CES Innovative Technology
– Dave Graveline’s “Into Tomorrow” Dave’s Top 10 @ CES 2010.
– Digital Trends “The Top 10 Best Gadgets at CES 2010
– Global Marketing Partners CES Innovative Technology Top 10

The D-Link Pebble(tm), another media player that attracted media attention at CES for its full-featured functionality, attractive design, compact size and affordable price, earned the following accolades:

– CEA Innovations Honoree in the Home Theater category
– Laptop Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Finalist

Also winning the coveted CEA Innovations Honoree award was D-Link’s Home Monitoring Starter Kit that provides an affordable, easy-to-use and innovative way for homeowners and tenants to employ a higher level of security for their property and its occupants, and the D-Link Home Energy Starter Kit, the first product that lets consumers measure energy consumption of their various home electrical appliances.


Feb 04

Step 1: Locate the hole on the back of the print server above the word RESET.


Step 2: Using a paper clip, press and hold the Reset button for about 5 seconds and then release.

Step 3: After the print server reboots it will be reset to the factory default settings.

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Feb 04

D-Link is proud to present the new Xtreme N™ Storage Router (DIR-685). By combining the superior features of a wireless N router, a built-in Network Attached Storage (NAS), digital photo frame, and D-Link Green power saving features the DIR-685 creates the ultimate user experience while conserving energy.

Featuring a built-in UPnP® AV server, streaming network stored videos through a compatible media player (including PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360®) onto your television has never been easier thanks to the D-Link DIR-685.

The upright design shows off the attractive view of the 1.6 million color 3.2″ LCD screen with sleek touch-sensitive buttons that provide a modern feel to allow easy control of device functions and digital display of photographs. Easily access and share your photographs from popular photo sharing sites through FrameChannel™.

High-speed Connection

With an integrated 802.11n high-speed band and a 2.4GHz signal, you can experience full wireless coverage throughout your network. Experience faster speed and longer range with powerful internal MIMO antennas.

Share Storage Over a Network or Internet

The DIR-685 has the ability to hold a compact 2.5″ hard drive and includes a built-in NAS, which allows you to safely store files on your home network. A built-in FTP server is also included to allow you convenient access to storage wherever Internet is available.

Video Streaming

A built-in Universal Plug and Play (UPnP®) AV server allows you to easily stream video files stored on your network through a compatible media player onto your television. You can even stream files from your Xbox 360® and PlayStation3® gaming system.

View more Description visit http://www.dlink.com/products/default.aspx?pid=DIR-685

DIR-685 Firmware

Download site:ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Gateway/dir685/Firmware/dir685_fw_101NA.zip

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Feb 04

Step 1: Open a web browser and type the IP address of the DWL-2700AP in the address bar (default is Press Enter.

Step 2: Enter your username (admin) and your password (default password is blank). Click OK to continue.

Step 3: Click the Advanced tab and then click Filters to the left.

Step 4: Next to Access Control select one of the following modes using the drop-down list:
Disabled – Disables this feature and will allow all wireless clients to connect.
Accept – Blocks all clients except for what you enter in the list.
Reject – Allows all clients except for what you enter in the list.



Step 5: Enter the MAC address of the wireless adapter(s) that you wish to Accept or Reject.

Step 6: Click Apply and then click Continue to save the new settings.

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