Jan 23

DAP-1522 Description:



The D-Link® Xtreme N™ Duo Wireless Bridge/Access Point is designed for users looking to create a wireless network or to connect multiple wired devices to an existing wireless network. Xtreme N Duo is the latest addition to the award-winning Xtreme N product family. Duo means the DAP-1522 works with next generation dual band (2.4GHz or 5GHz)* 802.11n wireless devices as well as legacy 802.11g products.


The Wireless Bridge feature of the DAP-1522 allows you to easily connect up to 4 Ethernet-enabled devices in your entertainment center to your wireless network. Connect devices such as Game Consoles, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Digital Media Adapters (DMA) to the built-in 4-Port Gigabit Switch.


Wireless Bridge Mode

Use the Xtreme N™ Duo Wireless Bridge / Access Point (DAP-1522) to connect up to 4 Ethernet-enabled devices such as Game Consoles, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Digital Media Adapters (DMA) to your wireless network.

Access Point Mode

Connect the DAP-1522 to an existing wired network and easily enable wireless connectivity in your home. Use your new wireless network to stream HD multimedia content, play multiplayer games, or make Internet phone calls (VoIP).

DAP-1522 Firmware:


Do NOT upgrade firmware on any D-Link product over a wireless connection.
Failure of the device may result. Use only hard-wired network connections.

Latest Version:1.21
Download Now From www.dlink.com

Download Now From tsd.dlinktw.com.tw

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Jan 22

The company announced at CES 2010 two new Wireless-N routers: the the D-Link Touch DIR-865 and the D-Link Wireless N Pocket Router. The Touch is a flagship high-speed Wireless-N router,whereas the Pocket Router is a minimobile router for people on the go.

The D-Link new Wireless-N routers DIR-865 reviews

According to D-Link, the Touch blends power, speed, range, security, functionality, and energy efficiency into one economical box that has the shape of traditional D-Link routers, complete with three external antennas. The router sports a 3-inch interactive touch screen for easy setup, configuration, and management of the router and Internet traffic.

The Touch supports true dual-band capabilities, working in 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the simultaneously. Three data streams offer throughput speeds of up to 450Mbps when used with the same standard wireless clients. Like all Wireless-N routers, it’s also backward compatible with earlier standards (802.11a/b/g).

The D-Link new Wireless-N routers DIR-865 reviews

If the Touch is a high-end router for the savvy user, the D-Link Wireless N Pocket Router is designed as a travel companion for people on the go, and features multimode functionality. It can be used either as a wireless router to create an 802.11n Wi-Fi network anywhere one is needed, or as an access point (AP) to add Wi-Fi to an existing wired network. The device can also be used to add wireless capability to an Ethernet-ready device, such as a desktop PC or an Xbox 360.

Despite its small size, the Pocket Router also comes with a USB port and supports D-Link’s SharePort technology, which allows the router to work as an extension of a networked computer’s USB port.

Neither of the new routers from D-Link will be available until mid 2010. Their prices and other details will be revealed then.

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Jan 22

D-Link has is releasing its latest modular switch system, the DES-7200, which it hopes will make a mark in the academic world.

D-Link releases new switches DES-7200

The multi-layer chassis-based Switches were successfully trialled at the Charles Darwin School in Kent, where they were praised for their high performance, support and eco-efficiency, and are now being made available on the market.

The company says that the system is ideal for schools and educational institutions as it provides core network coverage and no downtime. The manufacturers also describe it as “affordable” and “suited to the needs of larger campus locations”.

Industry standard compliance and a flexible modular architecture means the product, which can deploy Gigabit and 10-Gigabit switching, provides scalable expansion and value for money.

D-Link has previously been praised for its green credentials, and was a Venture Green exhibitor at the HealthAchieve 2009 Conference and Exhibition.

The Networking Equipment firm’s Green Ethernet Switches, aimed at schools, also seek to help them reduce their carbon footprints.

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Jan 22

When useing D-Link DGS-1016D switch,if the link speed is not 1.0 Gbps, than the cabling between the two endpoints should be examined. If using Gigabit over Copper (1000 Base-T) than you can use Ethernet cable Cat 5 or better (Cat5E, Cat6 or Cat6E). If the cable is pinned improperly, than the network connection will not run at gigabit speeds. Gigabit over copper uses all 8 wires of the Ethernet cable.

If you are using a store bought/factory pinned cable, and the connection speed is still not connecting at 1.0 Gbps, there may be a bent/broken pin on either the NIC, or the switch port. Isolate each portion of the possible problem, until you are able to find the defective port on the network. This can be done by using known good gigabit ports, and cabling.

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Jan 21

1. If you want Ping command to open external network, internal network Ban Ping on D-Link Firewall:

Rules → IP Rules → Address Filter → Networks



About Ping command on the D-Link Firewall settings

2.If you want to open the intranet Ping :



About Ping command on the D-Link Firewall settings

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