Jan 22

D-Link has is releasing its latest modular switch system, the DES-7200, which it hopes will make a mark in the academic world.

D-Link releases new switches DES-7200

The multi-layer chassis-based Switches were successfully trialled at the Charles Darwin School in Kent, where they were praised for their high performance, support and eco-efficiency, and are now being made available on the market.

The company says that the system is ideal for schools and educational institutions as it provides core network coverage and no downtime. The manufacturers also describe it as “affordable” and “suited to the needs of larger campus locations”.

Industry standard compliance and a flexible modular architecture means the product, which can deploy Gigabit and 10-Gigabit switching, provides scalable expansion and value for money.

D-Link has previously been praised for its green credentials, and was a Venture Green exhibitor at the HealthAchieve 2009 Conference and Exhibition.

The Networking Equipment firm’s Green Ethernet Switches, aimed at schools, also seek to help them reduce their carbon footprints.

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Jan 22

When useing D-Link DGS-1016D switch,if the link speed is not 1.0 Gbps, than the cabling between the two endpoints should be examined. If using Gigabit over Copper (1000 Base-T) than you can use Ethernet cable Cat 5 or better (Cat5E, Cat6 or Cat6E). If the cable is pinned improperly, than the network connection will not run at gigabit speeds. Gigabit over copper uses all 8 wires of the Ethernet cable.

If you are using a store bought/factory pinned cable, and the connection speed is still not connecting at 1.0 Gbps, there may be a bent/broken pin on either the NIC, or the switch port. Isolate each portion of the possible problem, until you are able to find the defective port on the network. This can be done by using known good gigabit ports, and cabling.

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Jan 21

1. If you want Ping command to open external network, internal network Ban Ping on D-Link Firewall:

Rules → IP Rules → Address Filter → Networks



About Ping command on the D-Link Firewall settings

2.If you want to open the intranet Ping :



About Ping command on the D-Link Firewall settings

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Jan 21

DUBAI, UAE, January 21 /PRNewswire/ — D-Link Middle East, the end-to-end computer network solutions provider for consumers and businesses, today announced the release of the company’s new DWA-525, a wireless N 150 desktop adapter.

The DWA-525 is a single-antenna wireless N desktop adapter that delivers abstracts at speeds up to 150 Mbps*. Compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards, this accessory provides continued advantage and accession in allegory to 802.11b/g standards, accouterment bigger ambit to abate wireless asleep spots. The DWA-525 also includes Wi-Fi Multimedia and Power Save QoS support to prioritize media traffic while conserving battery power in smaller devices.

“Higher transmission speeds have become essential for smooth operation in a number of today’s newest multimedia applications and devices,” said Harrison Albert, Regional Sales Director at D-Link Middle East. “The D-Link DWA-525 allows consumers to utilize the high speed that wireless N provides all at an affordable price.”

For added convenience, the DWA-525 supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to bound defended and set up a wireless network. This accessory includes 64/128-bit WEP encryption and WPA/WPA2 aegis to assure user networks and wireless data. The DWA-525 aswell offers complete interoperability in the 802.11b/g standard.

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Jan 16

This article teaches you VPN config about D-Link Firewall and DI-804HV,With the DFL-800 as an example.

1. Go to “System” → “DNS” and enter a working DNS server IP, here we use our ISP’s DNS server.


2. Go to “System” → “Misc. Clients” → “Add” to add a DDNS client, here we choose dyndns.org DDNS client.


3. Then enter the full domain name and your account info.


4. Go to “Objects” → “Address book”, previously, we use an IP on the remote gateway, here, just change the IP to the domain name, here we assume the other side (DI-804HV also uses DDNS and has the domain test1.dyndns.org setup). Click on the “remote-gw” object, and modify the IP to “dns:test1.dyndns.org”. Make sure “dns:” is entered before the domain name.


5. In DI-804HV, just replace the remote gateway IP to the DDNS domain name we set up in D-Link DFL-800 (test.dyndns.org)


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