Nov 07

Note: The latest firmware for the DIR-505/505L can be found at

Step 1: Unplug the DIR-505/505L from the wall outlet, move the selector switch to Router/AP Mode.and plug it back in.


Step 2: From your wireless computer, scan for available wireless networks and connect to the pre-defined SSID (Located on the Companion Card supplied with the DIR-505 and on the bottom of the DIR-505) e.g. dlink-E81A


Step 3: Open your web browser and type: or http://dlinkrouter

Step 4: Click Cancel when the D-Link Setup Wizard Appears (If applicable)


Step 5: Log into the DIR-505/505L. The default username is admin and there is no password


Step 6: Click Maintenance > Firmware

Step 7: Click Browse and select the firmware file to upload and click the upload button


Step 8: The firmware will start the upgrade process. This process will take approx 150 seconds


Once the router finishes rebooting, the firmware will be upgraded.

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