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D-Link DES-1200 Series Include:D-Link DES-1210,DES-1228,DES-1250,DES-1252.This article teaches you to how to set 802.1X Settings on DES-1200 Series Web Smart Switch.

Network switches provide easy and open access to resources by simply attaching a client PC. Unfortunately this automatic configuration also allows unauthorized personnel to easily intrude and possibly gain access to sensitive data.

IEEE-802.1X provides a security standard for network access control, especially in Wi-Fi wireless networks.802.1X holds a network port disconnected until authentication is completed. The switch uses Extensible Authentication Protocol over LANs (EAPOL) to exchange authentication protocol client identity (such as a user name) with the client, and forward it to another remote RADIUS authentication server to verify access rights. The EAP packet from the RADIUS server also contains the authentication method to be used. The client can reject the authentication method and request another, depending on the configuration of the client software and the RADIUS server. Depending on the authenticated results, the port is either made available to the user, or the user is denied access to the network.

The RADIUS servers make the network a lot easier to manage for the administrator by gathering and storing the user lists.


By default, 802.1X is disabled. To use EAP for security, select enabled and set the 802.1X Global Settings for the Radius Server and applicable authentication information.

Authentication Port: sets primary port for security monitoring. Default is 1812.

Key: Masked password matching the Radius Server Key.

Confirm Key: Enter the Key a second time for confirmation.

TxPeriod: Sets the number of seconds that the switch waits for a response to an EAP-request/identity frame from the client before retransmitting the request. Default is 24 seconds.

ReAuthEnabled: This enables or disables the periodic ReAuthentication control. When the 802.1X function is enabled, the ReAuthEnabled function is by default also enabled.

QuietPeriod: Sets the number of seconds that the switch remains in the quiet state following a failed authentication exchange with the client. Default is 80 seconds.

SuppTimeout: Sets the switch-to-client retransmission time for the EAP-request frame. Default is 12 seconds.

ServerTimeout: Sets the amount of time the switch waits for a response from the client before resending the response to the authentication server. Default is 16 seconds.

MaxReq: This parameter specifies the maximum number of times that the switch retransmits an EAP Request packet to the client before it times out the authentication session. Default is 5 times.

ReAuthPeriod: This command affects the behavior of the switch only if periodic re-authentication is enabled.Default is 3600.

To establish 802.1X port-specific assignments, select the From Ports / To Ports and select enable.

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