May 15

Your AP may be showing offline because the Nuclias Connect server IP address does not match the server IP settings in the access point. Check to make sure the access point is powered on. It is recommended that your Nuclias Connect Server has a statically assigned IP Address.

Step 1: Log into your access point and confirm the Nuclias Connection status

NOTE: This example shows the Connection status as Disconnected and the server IP address is

Step 2: Check the IP address on the computer that is running the Nuclias connect software

NOTE: This computer IP address is Which is different then the server IP address on the access point. This is why the Nuclias connect software is showing the AP offline

Step 3: Launch the Nuclias Connect Software

Step 4: Click on System > Settings

Step 5: Click on the Connection tab and change the Device access address to the IP address of the computer.

NOTE: In this example the IP address is

– Click Save

Step 6: Click on Configuration > Create Profile

Step 7: Click on Discovery icon for your profile

NOTE: You should see your profile listed. In this example my profile is called PS-HOME

Step 8: Select your discover settings, then tap NEXT

Step 9: Click on Start Discovery

Step 10: Select your AP and click Apply, then Exit

Step 11: Click on Monitor and your AP should show online

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