Jul 27

1.Do I need router or access point to use the Boxee box?

You can connect your Boxee Box to your Internet connection either wired or wirelessly. You must have a network router or access point supporting Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet.

2.During the initial setup of my Boxee Box, why is there no display or video signal detected?

Boxee Box will only work with an HDMI compatible television which supports screen resolutions of either PAL, NTSC, 720p, 1080i or 1080p. Other resolutions will not work.

● Check that your HDMI is connected properly.
● Restart the Boxee Box.

3.Why did my screen turn black after upgrading the firmware on my Boxee Box?

The latest Boxee firmware has made some changes that have affected the use of some DVI to HDMI Converters.

Boxee is aware of this issue and has come up with a firmware fix.

Download the Boxee Box firmware at http://dl.boxee.tv/version/dlink.dsm380/ The downloaded file will be named boxee.iso, and that name must be maintained.

Copy the boxee.iso file to a USB thumb/flash drive. Make sure to properly eject the flash drive after copying the file.
Power down the Boxee Box.

Power up the Boxee Box by pressing and holding the power button for 6-10 seconds. Upon release, the Box will boot with the logo turned orange.

After the Recovery Menu appears, connect your thumb drive to the Boxee Box, wait 2 seconds, then select Upgrade from USB from the menu, and follow on-screen instructions.

4.Why is my Boxee Box remote control behaving strangely?

This may be caused by interference (from other wireless devices or other Boxee Boxes in the vicinity). We recommend that you pair the remote control with the Boxee Box.

5.I forgot my password to Boxee, What do I do?

If you forget your password for Boxee, click here: Forgot my Boxee Password

After following the onscreen instructions an email will be sent to your email with instructions on how to change your password.

If you do not receive the email, be sure to check your spam filter.

6.Are there monthly fees to use the Boxee?

Boxee does not charge you any monthly fees. Boxee channels offer you high-quality entertainment for free. However, some channels do require subscriptions such as MLBTV.

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Jul 27

1.What external Hard Disk formats does the Boxee Box support?

The Boxee Box supports the following external Hard Disk formats:

● Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 (Linux)
● FAT16, FAT32 (Windows)
● NTFS (Windows)
● HFS+ (OSX)

2.Can I connect two external hard drives to the Boxee Box?

No, Only one USB powered external hard drive will work. If more are desired, a powered USB hub or externally powered hard drive would be needed.

3.Can the Boxee Box work while offline?

Yes, but the user must log in while connected to the Internet the first time the Boxee Box is used.

4.Can I use an HDMI conversion cable to connect the Boxee Box to my TV?

Unfortunately no. The Boxee Box does not support any HDMI conversion cables.

5.Can I customize my Boxee Box screen saver to display my pictures?

Unfortunately No. At this time there is no support for screen saver customization.

6.Does the Boxee Box cache album covers?

Yes, the Boxee Box has a cache size of 512MB.

7.What can I watch on the Boxee?

Watch what you want – the Boxee Box makes it easy to choose the TV shows you want to watch, and most importantly, the ones you want to pay for. There is currently over 40,000 TV episodes from your favorite networks instantly available. Get instant access to a huge library of streaming movies from across the Internet with the Boxee Box, you get Hollywood hits, access to Indies and critically acclaimed films from like MUBI and Openfilm.

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Feb 27

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA — (Marketwire) — 02/17/11 — Expanding content options available to users, D-Link and Boxee today announced that the award-winning Boxee Box by D-Link now features support for Netflix in Canada. The Boxee Box is the easiest way to bring TV shows, movies, music, and photos from the Internet to your TV in a simple, easy-to-use way — all that’s needed is a TV with an HDMI input and an Internet connection. Unlike any other set-top device, the Boxee Box has support for a full web browser, full HD streaming from the Internet, support for all popular media file formats, and integrated social networking which delivers personal recommendations straight to the TV.


Boxee Box by D-Link users who are Netflix members in Canada are now able to instantly watch thousands of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix for only $7.99 per month through an easy-to-use application that’s easily accessible and free for consumers.

“D-link is committed to delivering today’s connected families a complete home entertainment hub with the latest content, connectivity, sharing, and viewing options for high-quality viewing experiences at home,” said Lou Reda, vice president and general manager, Consumer Division, D-Link Canada. “Netflix support in Canada takes the Boxee Box by D-Link Web-to-TV experience to a new level, significantly expanding the range of content accessible to consumers.”

“With the addition of Netflix in Canada, the Boxee Box by D-Link has become a powerful new way to bring mainstream, indie, and award-winning films into your living room,” said Andrew Kippen, vice president of marketing, Boxee. “We’re able to show people what TV can be… and they’re telling us they’ll never go back.”

The Boxee Box features an SD card slot, two USB ports, optical digital audio, HDMI output, 802.11n wireless, and an Ethernet port for connectivity flexibility. With a double-sided remote featuring a built-in QWERTY keyboard and simple browsing interface, consumers can kick back and watch virtually anything. Beyond traditional content, consumers can easily discover new videos from friends on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, which are pushed directly to their TV.

Availability and Pricing
The Boxee Box by D-Link is currently available throughout D-Link’s network of retail and e-tail outlets in Canada for a street price of $219.99.

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Jan 26

LAS VEGAS–Yahoo’s Connected TV, its widget framework for TVs, is a low-cost way to bring Internet content to televisions. Yahoo’s TV widgets don’t give you the full Internet flexibility of a product like Google TV, but Yahoo Connected TV is cheap to build: it’s available with a $250 22-inch Vizio set, for example. We first saw this platform at CES 2009, but for 2011 Yahoo is adding some features and partners to the initiative, including a standalone set-top manufacturer, D-Link.


The biggest new feature is content-aware technology. The Connected TV platform now knows what you’re watching on your TV, and can overlay widget content that’s directly related to it, like stats for sports viewers, interactive games for kids’ shows, and “buy now” links for shopping broadcasts. It’s somewhat cool in that it works not just with live content but with streamed or recorded content as well: The Connected TV software listens to the audio signature of what you’re playing and uses that to match it with widget content that it then delivers over broadband. So you can get the full interactive experience even for month-old shows on your Tivo.

At CES, Yahoo announced a half-dozen partners that are experimenting with content-aware apps for the platform: networks Showtime, ABC, CBS (CNET’s parent company), and HSN, and advertisers Ford and Mattel.

D-Link plans to launch a set-top box for Yahoo Connected TV in the first half of 2011.

(Credit: Rafe Needleman/CNET) Yahoo and D-Link were also showing the first standalone Yahoo Connected TV set-top box, an as-yet unnamed, unpriced–but “under $200…hopefully much under”–box that can add Connected TV capabilities to any television set. It joins D-Link’s other set-top boxes, the Boxee box for content delivery and a WiDi box for showing computer content.

I’d say that if the D-Link box sells for more than $49 it’s not going to go far, because it doesn’t actually deliver much in the way of new content. And while it does deliver a type of information and interactivity that isn’t available any other way, for only $59 consumers can get a Roku device that will open up whole new worlds of content for their television sets. There is potential in the Yahoo Connected TV platform, but there’s also a chicken-and-egg issue for content creators. The more the capability is a freebie in TV hardware, the more valuable it becomes as a content and advertising platform. The platform might work better as a software appendage on a TiVo or cable company DVR.

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Dec 28

Taiwan-based networking/communication device maker D-Link launched Boxee Box, an IPTV set-top box (STB) model based on Boxee media streaming software, for own-brand sale in the US and Europe markets at the end of September 2010, and the sales performance has been much better than originally expected, according to the company.

Sales volumes of Boxee Boxes are frequently in excess of stock volumes and therefore clients have placed many additional orders, D-Link indicated. In the US market, the IPTV STB is sold through Amazon and may additionally be available at Best Buy chain at the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011, the company pointed out.

In addition, Boxee Box will be launched in the Middle East market in January 2011 and then in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific countries, D-Link indicated. D-Link expects to sell 100,000 Boxee Boxes n 2011, the company noted.

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