Jun 29

1.Can multiple users access the devices?

Yes but will use the same login credentials (admin). D-Link is working on a multi-user guest account feature in a future release.


2.Will other devices work with D-Link Home Automation solution?

Our products are Wi-Fi based so they work with any home automation solution products that don’t require a hub. D-Link developed a comprehensive app that connects our smart plugs, motion sensors, cameras.


3.IFTT supported?

No, we’re evaluating this feature.


4.In the case of a break in, will the police be contacted?

D-Link offers a do-it-yourself solution that provides value to consumers. Using our mydlink cameras, users can remotely check on their homes when motion is detected.


5.Will D-Link devices work outside the US?

Your mydlink Wi-Fi devices will work outside the US as long as there is internet access (for the myHome app). Smart plug can be used without internet access (local mode).


6.Can you control the devices via a web browser?

No, it requires a mobile app to control and manage the devices. myHome app provides the capability to control devices remotely.


7.Does the myHome app support Windows Phones?

No, it doesn’t. myHome app only supports iOS and Android.


8.How can I change the notification sound?

Go to settings on your smartphone and follow the instructions.

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