Nov 17

Note: Factory resetting the router will erase all the settings you have made to the D-Link router. 


To perform a factory reset, please follow these steps:


Step 1: With the unit on, place a paper clip into the hole on the back/bottom of the unit labeled Reset.



Step 2: Hold the paper clip down for 10 seconds and release.


Step 3: The COVR LED on the front will turn solid RED and then the device will reboot. Please allow for up to one minute for the reset process to complete.


Note: Do not hold the reset button for longer than 10 seconds, doing so could cause the router to go into a recovery mode (the Power light will flash or stay orange). If this happens, unplug the power from the router for 30 seconds. Also, resetting the router does not reset the firmware to an earlier version. It will change all settings back to factory defaults. 

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Feb 03

This example shows the setup of the D-Link COVR-C1203 using Android OS. Apple/iOS setup should be similar.


Note: Only Plug in the COVR Point A at the beginning of the setup. Leave the other 2 COVR Points powered off. You can look on the bottom of the COVR point and it will list Point A.


Step 1: Download the D-Link Wi-Fi App. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.



Step 2: Launch the D-link Wi-Fi app and tap Install Your Device.



Step 3: Select the COVR-C1203 from the list and tap Next.



Step 4: Select Create a new Covr network and tap Next.



Step 5: Unplug the power to your modem or gateway. Tap Next.



Step 6: Connect the Ethernet cable from your modem/gateway into port 1 on the Covr point A. Tap Next.


Note: Do not plug anyting into port 2 during setup.



Step 7: Power the modem/gateway back on and wait for it to boot up. Tap Next.



Step 8: Power the Covr point A on and wait for the LED to start blinking orange. Tap Next.



Step 9: From your mobile device, scan for available Wi-Fi networks and connect to the pre-defined SSID (located on the Configuration card or on the bottom of the device) example: dlink-6AD2



Step 10: Tap Next. The router will perform a scan to determine the type of internet service you have. If successful, the Internet Setup will be skipped, otherwise you will be prompted for additional information. For PPPoE connections, you will be prompted to enter your PPPoE username and password. If you do not have this information, you need to contact your ISP.



Step 11: Enter a new Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and a Wi-Fi password for your new network. Tap Next.



Step 12: Enter a password for the Covr router and Covr Points. This password is used to access the web-based UI of the router. Tap Next.



Step 13: A summary page will display your settings. Tap Save.



Step 14: Place the remaining Covr Point(s) anywhere between Covr Point A and the area you want to extend your wireless network to.



Step 15: Power on the two other COVR Points, wait for them to flash orange, then tap Next.




Step 16: The Covr LED”s should now light up solid white, this means the the Wi-Fi system is ready to use, tap Next.


Note: Check the LED indicator on your Covr Points to ensure a good connection:

– Solid White – Strong signal

– Blinking White – Weak signal. Move your Covr Point closer to the Covr Point A until the LED is solid white.

– Blinking Amber – Covr Point(s) cannot receive a signal. Move your Covr Point(s) closer to the Covr Point A until the LED is solid white.



Step 17: You can connect your Wi-Fi devices to your Covr Wi-Fi network through any of the Covr Points using your Wi-Fi name and password you created. Tap Finish to complete the setup process.


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Jan 07

Solid White

– Your COVR system is working properly.


Flashing White 

– If any of your COVR points are flashing white, it means that it is getting a weak signal to another COVR point. Try moving the COVR point closer to COVR Point A.


Flashing Orange on COVR-Point A

– If your COVR Point A is flashing Orange, this means that it is not getting a connection to the internet.


– DSL/PPPoE Internet Users

– If using a DSL/PPPoE internet service, verify the username and password you entered is correct.


– Cable Internet Users

– If using a cable internet service, try powering off your modem for 30 seconds (removing any backup battery if applicable) and powering it back on.


Flashing Orange on other Covr Points (not A)

– If any of your COVR extenders are flashing orange (NOT Covr point A), its means it is not in range or could not connect to another COVR point. Try moving the COVR extender closer to another COVR point.


Solid Red 

– Your COVR points will be solid red during boot up (powered on). Boot up can take anywhere from 2-3 minutes.


Flashing Red 

– Flashing Red indicates that there is a problem with the device. If flashing red, please contact our tech support team at 1-877-453-5465 (USA only) or via email at

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