May 15

NOTE: Bridge Mode allows you to connect the COVR system to your existing router. In Bridge Mode the routing functionality will be disabled, and your COVR system will work as an access point.

NOTE: In Bridge mode, Point A needs to be connected via Ethernet cable to your existing router

NOTE: The COVR router needs to be setup as a router first. Then you can configure your COVR router in Bridge Mode.

Step 1: Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox) and enter http://covr.local./ 

Step 2: Enter your admin password and tap, Log In

Step 3: Tap on Settings, and then Operation

Step 4: Select Bridge Mode, then tap Save


Step 5:  Tap OK

NOTE: Once the COVR system has been set to bridge mode it gets an IP Address from your existing router. If needed you can log into the COVR system with http://dlinkap.local

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