Jan 13

Step 1: Launch the mydlink app and sign into your account.


Step 2: Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner.



Step 3: Tap Cloud Recording.



Step 4: Tap Subscribe.



Step 5: Choose an Available Plan.



Step 6: Tap Subscribe Now.



Step 7: Tap OK.



Step 8: Tap Next.



Step 9: Select the camera you want to enable the cloud recording for, then tap on the    on the top right.



Step 10: Tap the   on the top right .



Step 11Click here to set up recording on your camera.




To add additional cameras with Cloud Recording follow the steps below:


Step 1: Tap the menu icon on the top left.



Step 2: Tap Cloud Recording.



Step 3: Tap the gear icon.



Step 4: Select the additional camera(s) you want to enable Cloud Recording for then tap  



Step 5: Tap Set a Rule.



Step 6: Tap the settings icon.



Step 7: Tap the + on the bottom right to add a rule for the new camera.



Step 8: Select the event you would like to a add to your automation, then tap Next (This example shows motion detection).



Step 9: Select the action you would like to add to your automation, then tap Next (This example shows Cloud recording and Push Notifications).



Step 10: Tap 



Step 11: Now you can see the two Rules for the two cameras.


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Sep 14

Both the D-Link DCS-6112 and DCS-6113 cameras support two way audio communication so that operators can transmit and receive audio simultaneously.

The two way audio port is set to 5060 by default. It can also be assigned to another port number between 1025 and 65535.

By using the external microphone and an external speaker, users can communicate with people present around the D-Link Network Camera.


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Sep 12

Select this option to turn off the LED next to the lens.

This will prevent anyone from observing the operation of the D-Link network camera.

Step 1: Log into the web-based configuration of the camera.

Step 2: Click on Setup icon on the top left corner.

Step 3: Go to System -> Device settings and then check the box for “Turn off the LED indicator”.


Step 4: Click Save button to save the new settings.

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Feb 13

You can turn the white focus ring on the front of the camera to adjust the focus. Turn the ring while watching the camera’s live view to fine tune the image focus.


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Aug 23

After upgrading to version 42 of the Chrome browser, you encountered problems loading the Java plug-in due to changes to your Chrome browser security settings.
You may encounter one or more of the following error:
“The Java Runtime Environment cannot be found”



Verifying your Java plug-in using the java verification tool will also give you an error message:
“This plug-in is not supported”



To continue using Chrome to access your camera video using the mydlink™ portal, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Open you Chrome browser and type the following in the web address bar:

chrome://flags/#enable-npapi <– you can copy and paste this



Step 2.  The Enable NPAPI option will be highlighted,  click the “Enable” option.


Step 3.  To apply the changes now, click the “Relaunch Now” button found at the bottom of the page.




Step 4. Return to http://mydlink.com and login. Make sure you click “OK” or “Run” on the the Java security prompt(s) to view your camera video stream.


Windows® 8 or 8.1 users, depending on your firewall settings, you may be prompted in addition with a Windows Security Alert, please select “Allow access” to continue.




You have completed the steps to Enabling the NPAPI support on your updated v42 Chrome browser.


Posted on: 4.17.2015

Updated on: 4.20.2015

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