Apr 13

This article teaches you to set the vlans of D-Link DAP Series AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Access Point.

Step 1: Please log in to the unit by visiting it´s IP address in your web browser and logging in with your username and password.

The default values are below:
Username: admin
Password: (blank)


Step 2: Choose Advanced Settings -> VLAN on the left hand menu.

Step 3: Select Enable under VLAN Status and then hit the Save Button.

Step 4: Click the Trash Can Icon next to the default VLAN to delete the default VLAN.


Step 5: Now we are going to add our VLANs to this AP. We will begin with a default VLAN and then add one or more additional VLANs.

Step 6: Choose the Add/Edit VLAN Tab and click the Save Button when you are finished adding a VLAN.

For our default VLAN we are going to use the below parameters:

Name: 1
VID: 1
Mgmt: Untag
LAN: Untag
Primary: Untag
S-1: Not Member
S-2: Not Member
S-3: Not Member
S-4: Not Member
S-5: Not Member
S-6: Not Member
S-7: Not Member
W-1: Untag
W-2: Untag
W-3: Untag
W-4: Untag
W-5: Untag
W-6: Untag
W-7: Untag
W-8: Untag


Step 8: Select the PVID Settings Tab and ensure that PVID Auto Assign Status is Enabled and then hit the Save Buttons.

Step 9: Choose The Configuration Button and then Save and Activate on the Top Menu.



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