May 12

Find a network connection icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Right-click on it and select ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’. Then click on ‘Change Adapter Settings’ on the menu on the left.

Double-click on the ‘Local Area Connection’ (or ‘Wireless Network Connection’, whichever you are using) icon.

To check your network adapter’s current IP address click on ‘Details…’

To change your network adapter IP settings:
Step 1. Double-click on the ‘Local Area Connection’ (or ‘Wireless Network Connection’) and click on ‘Properties’.

Step 2. Highlight the Internet Protocol v4 and click Properties.

Step 3. Select the ‘Use the following IP Address’ option and enter your IP settings for your network.

If connecting to a router, make sure the Default Gateway and a DNS server is the IP address of the router (e.g. or You can also specify your provider’s DNS servers’ addresses.

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