Aug 14

This FAQ is for the D-Link DCS-2000, DCS-2100, DCS-2100G, DCS-2100+, DCS-3220, DCS-3220G, DCS-3420, DCS-5300, DCS-5300G, DCS-5300W, DCS-6620, DCS-6620G cameras.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) allows remote administration of the camera using a domain name in situations where a static IP address is not available. Each time a new dynamic IP address is pulled, the camera updates the IP address with the DDNS service provider.

Step 1: Register with one of the following DDNS providers:
Write down the URL and login information you obtained after registering with one of the above DDNS providers.

Step 2: Log into the web-based configuration of the camera.

Step 3: Click Configuration to the left.

Step 4: Click the Advanced tab and then click DDNS&UPnP to the left.


Step 5: Click the Enable DDNS checkbox.

Step 6: Select the provider that you registered with from the drop-down list next to Provider.

Step 7: Using the information you obtained in Step 1 enter the domain name that you created (i.e. in the field by Host Name. Enter your login information for the account in the Username/Email and Password/Key fields.

Step 8: Click Apply and then Continue to save the new settings.

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