Sep 14

The hidden button in the pinhole beside the Ethernet socket is used to reset the system or restore the factory default settings. Sometimes resetting the D-Link DCS-6111 will return the system back to a normal state. If the system still has problems after reset, restore the factory settings and install again:



Step 1: Lightly insert a paper clip (or a similar sized tool) into the reset hole on the back of the D-Link camera, press lightly and then release the button.

Step 2:The LED on the front of the camera will begin blinking red and green.

Step 3:When the LED stops the blinking the reset has completed.


Step 1:Insert the paperclip or other tool and hold the button in.

Step 2:Wait for the LED on the front of the camera to blink red and green
and hold the button for 30 seconds.

Step 3:Withdraw the tool after the second cycle of the LED blinking and
a factory restore has been completed.

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