May 14

A VLAN is a group of ports that can be anywhere in the network, but communicate as though they were in the same area.

VLANs can be easily organized to reflect department groups (such as R&D, Marketing), usage groups (such as e-mail), or multicast groups (multimedia applications such as video conferencing), and therefore help to simplify network management by allowing users to move devices to a new VLAN without having to change any physical connections.

The IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Configuration page provides powerful VID management functions. The original settings have the VID as 01, named “default”, and all ports as “Untagged”.

Rename: Click to rename the VLAN group.
Delete VID: Click to delete the VLAN group.
Add New VID: Click to create a new VID group, assigning ports from 01 to 28 as Untag, Tag, or Not Member:A port can be untagged in only one VID. To save the VID group, press Apply.You may change the name accordingly to the desired groups, such as the aforementioned R&D, Marketing,email, etc.

D-Link DES-1228P WEB Smart Switch 802.1Q VLAN Settings

D-Link DES-1228P WEB Smart Switch 802.1Q VLAN Settings

D-Link DES-1228P WEB Smart Switch 802.1Q VLAN Settings


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Jan 28

The D-Link DAP-2555 AirPremier® N Dual Band, PoE Access Point powered by CloudCommand™ is the foundation of the next generation of Wi-Fi networks for business. It leverages a pioneering cloud architecture that makes deploying, configuring, securing and managing Access Points an easy task that can be completed from anywhere. This access point is designed for small and medium businesses to bridge the gap between easy-to-use consumergrade hardware that scales poorly and prohibitively expensive and complex enterprise-grade solutions that are impossibly difficult to manage.


Easy Setup

AirPremier® N Dual Band, PoE Access Points are simple to set up (individually or in groups) using a web browser and Internet connection. There is no need to install software from a CD or to log into firmware pages. Unlike traditional models, once these access points connect to your local area network they automatically retrieve their configuration settings from the Internet and are ready for use in minutes. The only task remaining is their physical installation.

Administer Anywhere

The D-Link DAP-2555 gives users the power to administer the entire Wi-Fi network from anywhere, even if the APs are distributed across multiple locations. Save time and resources by making changes to all the APs simultaneously. Or, you can adjust their settings individually. Access is as simple as opening a web browser and logging into your online account at Make security changes, add and remove individual network users, view graphical reports and much more – all from your office or while on the road. You can receive alerts via email or by text message.

Secure Access

In addition to the traditional WPA2 encryption standard for secure access, the DAP-2555 offers Individual Device Authentication (IDA) technology. This technology automatically identifies and secures each connected device on an individual basis. The security setup is as simple as sending a text message. IDA allows for easier management of network access privileges and gives administrators the ability to quickly add and remove users without having to constantly change security keys (a common challenge that wireless solutions have today). Administrators can also choose to send individual network keys to users by email or text message.

Quick Install Guides Download

Works with


Designed specifically for the Small Office/Home Office, the DFL-210 Network Security Firewall has numerous flexible features to help you manage, monitor and maintain a healthy and secure network.
If you want to stream HD video throughout your house, then this is the adapter for you. When used with a Dual Band Router, it operates on two bands so you can avoid interference and stream away.

This Xtreme N® Desktop Adapter delivers unrivaled Wi-Fi performance for your PCI Express-enabled desktop computer.

DAP-2555 AirPremier N Dual Band, PoE Access Point carries an MSRP of $399 and is available through VARs. It includes a one-year CloudCommand subscription.

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Jul 20

Some pepole using a D-Link Lan-switch such as D-Link DES-1228P,he can’t share Internet connection,If you are connecting directly to a Cable or DSL modem, you will need a router to share your Internet connection or a computer using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or Proxy. Switches and hubs do not allow you to share a single IP address to multiple computers.

Another alternative is to contact your ISP and purchase extra IP addresses for each additional computer.

Here for a list of D-Link Routers :

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Mar 08

Step 1: Please visit and download the Web management utility and firmware.


Step 2: Open the Web management utility.

Step 3: Click Discovery to locate the Web smart switch and select the IP address of the switch and then click Add to monitor list.

Step 4: Once you have added the switch to the monitor list, select the IP address of the switch and then click Firmware Upgrade.


Step 5: Browse to where you downloaded the firmware to in Step 1. Once you have located the firmware, you will then need to enter the password that has been set up on the switch. Click Start.

Step 6: Once the firmware upgrade has completed, you will see Upgrade successful.


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Jan 26

This article teach you how to config a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P.

Step 1: Upgrade the firmware on the DES-1228P to the latest version.

Step 2: Download and install the latest Smart WLAN Manager software.

Step 3: Connect the DWL-3140AP into the DES-1228P (make sure the power and LAN LED turn on).

Step 4: Run the Smart WLAN Manager software. Click on the Discover Wizard button on the top left corner if the software doesn’t detect the DWL-3140AP right away.

How to configure a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P?

Step 5: Enter the DHCP IP pool range and then click on Add.

How to configure a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P?

Step 6: Select the discovered DWL-3140 and click on Save.

Step 7: Right click on the access point you wish to setup and select Configuration. This is where you can configure the basic settings such as the IP address and SSID.

How to configure a DWL-3140AP with a DES-1228P?

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