Jun 20

NAT traversal refers to the common problem in TCP/IP networking of establishing connections between hosts in private TCP/IP networks which use NAT devices.

Client-based IPsec VPN connections often do not work when passing through a NAT device as the IKE and IPsec protocols were not designed to work through NAT. NAT Traversal is an add-on to the IKE and IPsec protocols that allows them to work when being NATed.

NAT traversal is only used if both endpoints support it. D-Link products that currently support NAT traversal include the D-LinkĀ DFL-200, DFL-700 and DFL-1100.

Note: The DFL-800 and DFL-300 does not support NAT traversal.

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Aug 08

1.Configuration of D-Link DFL-200/700/1100

Step 1: Make sure the firewall is using at least firmware 1.30 If the firmware is lower than 1.30 download and install the firmware from the support site.


Step 2: Click on Firewall at the top then VPN on the left hand side.


Step 3: Click on Add new PPTP Server. Give the server a friendly name, set the client IP pool outside of the DHCP scope, and enable proxy arp. Hit the apply button.


Step 4: Click on Users on the left hand side.


Step 5: Click on Add new in the Local User Database.

Step 6: Create a username(Dlink) and password, then hit apply.


Step 7: Click on the Activate Changes button in the lower left corner.


Step 8: Click on the Activate Changes button in the middle of the screen.


2.Configuration of Win2k/WinXP PPTP client

Step 1: Right-click My Network Places and select Properties.

Step 2: Create a New Connection.

Step 3: The Network Wizard will appear. Click on Next to continue.

Step 4: Choose your Network Connection Type (You will be connecting to a private network). Click Next.

Step 5: Enter the Destination Address. This will be your public IP address found on the Status tab of the DFL.

Step 6: Select All Users for the Connection Availability and click Next.

Step 7: Add a shortcut to your desktop and click on Finish.

Step 8: Enter your Username and Password to connect to the virtual private connection. Click the Connect button to authenticate to the DFL. You will see a balloon pop-up indicating that you have connection.



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