Apr 21

D-Link DGE-560T Gigabit Hardware Installation:

1. Shut down the computer and unplug the power cord.

2. Remove the chassis cover. If you are installing a network adapter in a tower computer, we recommend to put the computer on its side in order to be able to apply the correct force to insert the adapter into the PCI Express slot.

3. Locate an empty PCI Express slot on the motherboard.


4. Insert the network adapter into the PCI Express slot and push it down vertically into the slot until it is firmly seated.

5. Install the bracket screw to secure the network adapter to the computer chassis.

6. Replace the computer chassis cover. Reconnect the power and switch the computer power on. If the BIOS section of your computer’s boot program is plug-and-play compliant, then at power-up the BIOS will automatically configure any newly installed adapter. Refer to page 16 in the manual for instructions to verify your installation.

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