Jan 27

Q: Why does my Web Smart switch(DGS-1216T) always log me out when moving from page to page or link to link?

A: Please ensure that you are using Internet Explorer 6.0.x or higher when configuring D-Link Web Smart switches, as other browsers or earlier versions of IE may cause some minor problems. You will not be logged out of your switch when using Internet Explorer 6.0.x or higher.

Q: Why are my ping request slower when using D-Link Web SMART Switches?

A: Since the Web Smart switches are not as robust in features as fully managed switches, they have a slower CPU. Therefore, depending on what process Web Smart switch is currently running, the ping response time will be varied and longer.

Q: What is a Combo Port on an Ethernet Switch?

A: A Gigabit Ethernet Combo port is an Ethernet port and a Mini-GBIC port (also called SFP´s) that share the same switch fabric and port number. A Combo port is a way to provide different types of connectivity without taking up unused switch fabric. These Combo ports can also be labeled as tied, meaning two different physical ports that can only be used one at a time. A Gigabit Ethernet Combo port consists of one 1000Base-T Gigabit over Copper port (provided), and one Mini-GBIC port (empty port that requires Mini-GBIC module).

Q: Why can´t I share my Internet connection to multiple computers when using my D-Link switch or hub?

A: If you are connecting directly to a Cable or DSL modem, you will need a router to share your Internet connection or a computer using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or Proxy. Switches and hubs do not allow you to share a single IP address to multiple computers.

Another alternative is to contact your ISP and purchase extra IP addresses for each additional computer.

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Jan 24

The D-Link DGS-1216T is housed in a new style 19” rackmount case with an easy-to-view front panel and diagnostic LEDs and feature an innovative fanless design to ensure quiet operation compared to standard switches.Has 16 10/100/1000BASE-T Auto-negotiating, Auto-MDI/MDI-X ports with 802.3x Flow Control.

Some friends asked why won’t Gigabit connection get a link?

I find the answer on the dlink website : www.dlink.com

A common problem when connecting different gigabit devices is Auto-sensing between the two different ports. When connecting two Gigabit devices it is imperative that the port speed be set the same on both sides. Some Managed Gigabit products have the ability to have the port speed set at either 1000Mbps/Full duplex or Auto. Other Un-Managed products don’t have the ability to modify the port speed at all. If you are using an Unmanaged device, or a device that doesn’t have the ability to set the port speed at 1000Mbps/Full duplex, you may not be able to connect to a device whose port speed is set to 1000Mbps/Full duplex.

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