Jan 30

D-Link DIR-412 Installation

Before you Begin

• Please configure the D-Link router with the computer that was last connected directly to your modem.

• You can only use the Ethernet port or 3G adapter. If you were using an USB broadband modem before using the router, then you must turn off your modem, disconnect the USB cable and connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the router, and then turn the modem back on. In some cases, you may need to call your ISP to change connection types (USB to Ethernet).

• If you have DSL and are connecting via PPPoE, make sure you disable or uninstall any PPPoE software such as WinPoet, Broadjump, or Enternet 300 from your computer or you will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Wireless Installation Considerations

The D-Link wireless router lets you access your network using a wireless connection from virtually anywhere within the operating range of your wireless network. Keep in mind, however, that the number, thickness and location of walls, ceilings, or other objects that the wireless signals must pass through, may limit the range. Typical ranges vary depending on the types of materials and background RF (radio frequency) noise in your home or business. The key to maximizing wireless range is to follow these basic guidelines:

1. Keep the number of walls and ceilings between the D-Link router and other network devices to a minimum – each wall or ceiling can reduce your adapter’s range from 3-90 feet (1-30 meters.) Position your devices so that the number of walls or ceilings is minimized.

2. Be aware of the direct line between network devices. A wall that is 1.5 feet thick (.5 meters), at a 45-degree angle appears to be almost 3 feet (1 meter) thick. At a 2-degree angle it looks over 42 feet (14 meters) thick! Position devices so that the signal will travel straight through a wall or ceiling (instead of at an angle) for better reception.

3. Building Materials make a difference. A solid metal door or aluminum studs may have a negative effect on range. Try to position access points, wireless routers, and computers so that the signal passes through drywall or open doorways. Materials and objects such as glass, steel, metal, walls with insulation, water (fish tanks), mirrors, file cabinets, brick, and concrete will degrade your wireless signal.

4. Keep your product away (at least 3-6 feet or 1-2 meters) from electrical devices or appliances that generate RF noise.

5. If you are using 2.4GHz cordless phones or X-10 (wireless products such as ceiling fans, lights, and home security systems), your wireless connection may degrade dramatically or drop completely. Make sure your 2.4GHz phone base is as far away from your wireless devices as possible. The base transmits a signal even if the phone in not in use.

Connect to Cable/DSL (WAN Mode)

If your Internet connection is provided using a cable/DSL/satellite modem, follow the steps below before connecting the router to a cable/DSL/satellite modem:

• If you are using the DIR-412 for the first time, please select the 3G Router mode first to configure your wireless settings. Refer to the Wireless Settings section for more information.

• After configuring the wireless settings, move the switch to the WAN Mode position and wait for the device to reboot.
To connect to a broadband modem, or an Ethernet Internet connection such as in a hotel, please follow the steps below:

1. Unplug the Ethernet cable (that connects your computer to your modem) from your computer and place it into the Ethernet port on the router, or connect an Ethernet cable from the Internet port to the Ethernet port on the router.

2. Plug the power adapter into the router and connect it to an outlet or power strip. Wait about 50 seconds for the router to boot.

3. Connect the DIR-412 to your computer wirelessly using the settings (SSID, encryption key) you configured previously.

4. Verify the link lights on the router. The power light, Internet light, and the Wireless LAN light should be lit. If not, make sure your computer, modem, and router are powered on and verify the cable connections are correct.


Connect to a 3G Internet Service

If you are using a 3G USB adapter to connect to the Internet, please follow the steps below:

1. Move the toggle switch to the 3G Router mode position and wait for the DIR-412 to reboot.

2. Insert your 3G USB adapter into the DIR-412’s 3G USB port. In most cases, the 3G adapter will automatically configure and connect to the Internet. This process may take up to one minute. Refer to http://www.dlink.com/DIR-412 for a compatiblility list of supported 3G adapters.

3. Plug one end of Ethernet cable into the DIR-412 and the other end into your computer.

4. Verify the link lights on the router. The power light, Internet light, and the Wireless LAN light should be lit. If not, make sure your computer and router are powered on and verify the cable connections are correct.


Note: The 3G default setting for the D-Link DIR-412 is auto-config and always-on reconnect mode. With this setting, the DIR-412 will connect to the Internet automatically. If you do not want the DIR-412 to connect automatically, please disable auto-config and change the reconnect mode to manual.

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Jan 29

D-Link DIR-412 Hardware Overview:


1.Mode Switch
Use this switch to change between WAN mode and 3G Router mode.

2.Ethernet Port
In WAN mode the Ethernet port is used to connect to your WAN connection. In 3G mode the Ethernet port is used to connect to your LAN connection.

3.Power Receptor
Receptor for the supplied power adapter.

Pressing the Reset button restores the router to its original factory default settings.


1.Power LED
Lights orange during bootup. Lights green when D-Link DIR-412 router has booted up. A solid green light indicates a proper connection to the power supply. If the LED blinks orange the system has failed.

2.Internet LED
A solid green light indicates a successful 3G connection. A solid orange light indicates a 3G error, a WAN failure, or a system failure. A blinking green light indicates that the WAN connection is enabled when the Router is operating in WAN mode.

A solid green light indicates that the wireless segment is ready. This LED blinks during wireless data transmission.

4.Ethernet LED
A solid green light indicates that a link has been established. This LED blinks during data transmission.

5.WPS Button
Press the WPS button for 1 second to initiate the WPS process. The button will flash blue while a WPS connection is being established. The button will light blue for 120 seconds (2 minutes) if a successful WPS connection has been made.

6.3G USB Connection
Connect your 3G USB adapter to this port if you want to use a 3G Internet connection.

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Jan 26

This article tells us Which 3G adapters work with D-Link DIR-412 Mobile Wireless Router.

The following lists the 3G adapters that have been successfully tested for compatibility with the D-Link DIR-412 Mobile Wireless Router.

United States Customers:

QUALCOMM 3G USBConnect Mercury




US Cellular

Canada Customers:

Novatel Wireless U998
Novatel Wireless U760
Huawei E182E

Sierra Wireless Compass 597
Sierra Wireless 306
Huawei E182E

Ovation MC950D
Sony Ericsson MD400g
Nokia CS-18

Wind Mobile
Huawei E181

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Apr 26

D-Link Dir-412 Mobile Broadband Wireless Router Description

The Mobile Wireless Router can be installed quickly and easily ( Plug and Play ) almost anywhere. Simply insert a compatible mobile broadband USB adapter into the DIR-412 to share your Internet connection through a secure, high-speed wireless network.


Wireless gateway router

Wireless routers are essential for any home network that will combine wireless and wired network connections. Assuming that you have broadband service that provides an appropriate broadband modem (DSL or cable), this device can act as a gateway router that will connect your entire household to the internet. It handles requests from one machine in the Local Area Network (LAN – your house) to another and to the internet, and keeps track of which computer asked for what. The modem plugs into the router in a specially-marked port, and then the local computers either physically connect to it or connect to the wireless network which it also handles. It is recommended that desktop systems be connected by physical Ethernet cables, as they are more reliable, while laptops can use the wireless network from anywhere in the house.


The D-Link® Mobile Broadband Wireless Router (D-Link DIR-412) allows users to access worldwide mobile broadband*. Simply insert a compatible mobile broadband USB adapter into the DIR-412 to share your mobile broadband Internet connection through a secure, high-speed 802.11n wireless network. A 10/100 Ethernet WAN port allows you to access a DSL/Cable modem as the primary backup connection. Auto-failover ensures an uninterrupted connection by automatically connecting to your mobile broadband network whenever your Ethernet network goes down.


The DIR-412 ensures a secure Wi-Fi network through the use of WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption. Simply press the WPS button to quickly establish a secure connection to new devices. The DIR-412 also utilizes dual-active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks and intrusions from across the Internet.

User Views

Anyone who deals with networking and wireless uses would undoubtedly have chanced upon the determine D-Link, and recently D-Link center East consists of a brand determine new wireless router for the masses – the DIR-412 3.5G Wireless Router. For individuals who are inside the industry for just about any new wireless router, why not look in the D-Link brand determine if you have been producing utilization of other names so far? That is, assuming you are getting problems using another marques, of course, otherwise there is no should reinvent the wheel on this kind of the case.

The D-Link DIR-412 arrives throughout like a diminutive 3.5G router which allows consumers to write about a 3.5G internet link through a secure, high-speed wireless system at any time just one hooks up a 3.5G USB adapter to it. This must acquire people frequent travelers sitting upright at this kind of news, contemplating that it provides unprecedented connectivity options regardless of in which you go – just make particular your 3.5G data-enabled account has limitless information along using the cheaper roaming fees near to beforehand.

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Aug 22

MISSISSAUGA, ON–(Marketwire – August 19, 2010) – D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers, businesses and service providers, today announced it is now shipping a portable router that creates a high-speed mobile connection while on the road, or as a backup for a local ADSL/cable Internet service network.

The D-Link® Mobile Wireless Router (DIR-412) allows users to access a worldwide broadband* Internet connection through a secure 802.11n Wi-Fi network from just about anywhere, to share with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.
Customers can use the mobile wireless router for home and small or remote offices by connecting to their DSL/cable modem, providing users with a fast primary Internet service while using their mobile Internet access as a backup Internet connection. If the user’s primary Internet service goes down, the mobile wireless router employs an auto-failover feature to ensure an uninterrupted connection by automatically connecting to the 3G mobile broadband network.

The Plug-and-Play capability of the D-Link Mobile Wireless Router means it can be installed quickly and easily to set up a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot just about anywhere. It is ideal for situations where an impromptu Wi-Fi network must be set up, or wherever conventional Internet access is unavailable, such as on RVs, trains, boats and remote office locations.
“The DIR-412 offers the perfect balance for users looking for a home or travel router that works with their 3G USB adapter,” said Lou Reda, Vice President and General Manager Consumer Division. “Our DIR-412 router supports all major carriers in Canada such as Bell, TELUS and Rogers and will connect automatically with your 3G USB adapter, making it an easy to use solution for anyone looking to do more with their plan.”

With advanced network security, the DIR-412 ensures a secure Wi-Fi network through the use of WPA/WPA2 encryption. The user simply presses the WPS button to quickly establish a secure connection to new devices. The Mobile Wireless Router also utilizes dual-active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks and intrusions from across the Internet.

Featuring Wireless N150 technology, the DIR-412 provides optimal performance, extended wireless range and fast file transfers for superior reception throughout the home. It is backward compatible with previous version Wireless G devices.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Creates a high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi personal mobile hotspot network
  • Provides Internet connectivity in areas without conventional DSL/cable service
  • Compatible with mobile broadband USB adapters for
    EV-DO/HSUPA/HSDPA/TD-SCDMA networks from most major carriers
  • Supports WAN failover for persistent connections
  • Advanced network security with push-button encryption

Price and Availability

The D-Link DIR-412 is available now through the company’s vast network of retail and e-tail outlets, and at D-Link’s online store, www.dlinkshop.ca. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) $79.99.

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