Sep 20

In Router/AP mode, the Ethernet port is used to connect to your existing wired network (e.g. an existing router, a wired connection in a hotel room or Broadband Modem).

In Repeater and Wi-Fi Hotspot modes, the Ethernet port is used to connect a wired client to the wireless network (e.g. computer, Smart TV, video game console).

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Nov 07

Note: The latest firmware for the DIR-505/505L can be found at

Step 1: Unplug the DIR-505/505L from the wall outlet, move the selector switch to Router/AP Mode.and plug it back in.


Step 2: From your wireless computer, scan for available wireless networks and connect to the pre-defined SSID (Located on the Companion Card supplied with the DIR-505 and on the bottom of the DIR-505) e.g. dlink-E81A


Step 3: Open your web browser and type: or http://dlinkrouter

Step 4: Click Cancel when the D-Link Setup Wizard Appears (If applicable)


Step 5: Log into the DIR-505/505L. The default username is admin and there is no password


Step 6: Click Maintenance > Firmware

Step 7: Click Browse and select the firmware file to upload and click the upload button


Step 8: The firmware will start the upgrade process. This process will take approx 150 seconds


Once the router finishes rebooting, the firmware will be upgraded.

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Dec 30

Step 1: Move the toggle switch on the DIR-505-á to Router/AP mode and power on the device.


Step 2: Run the setup wizard in the DIR-505’s Web Interface to select whether you want to use Router or Access Point (AP) mode.

DIR-505-switch-moden2 DIR-505-switch-moden3

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Dec 27

Depending on how you want to use your D-Link DIR-505 will determine which mode you use. This section will help you figure out which setting works with your setup.

1.Access Point Mode


In the Access Point mode, the DIR-505 acts as a central connection point for any computer (client) that has a 802.11n or backward-compatible 802.11g wireless network interface and is within range of the AP. Clients must use the same SSID (wireless network name) and channel as the AP in order to connect. If wireless security is enabled on the AP, the client will need to enter a password to connect to the AP. In Access Point mode, multiple clients can connect to the AP at the same time.

2.Repeater Mode


In Repeater Mode, the DIR-505 increases the range of your wireless network by extending the wireless coverage of another AP or wireless router. The APs and wireless router (if used) must be within range of each other. Make sure that all clients, APs, and the wireless router all use the same SSID (wireless network name), channel, and security settings.

3.Hot Spot Mode


In the HotSpot Mode, the DLink DIR-505 acts as a wireless network adapter for your Ethernet-enabled device (such as a Laptop or an Internet Tablet). If you are going to connect an Ethernet-enabled devices to your DIR-505, move the switch to “Wi-Fi HotSpot Mode”. Then, plug the DIR-505 into a wall outlet and verify that the power LED is lit. Wi-Fi Hot Spot Mode has NAT which allowsan IP network to maintain a public IP address separately from your private IP address. Additionally, it enhances private network security by limiting the access of external computers in the private IP network space.

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Dec 16

1.Click Next to begin the Quick Setup Wizard.


2.Select Access Point from the drop-down menu and click Next to continue.


3.Give your Wi-Fi network a name in the box. You may use up to 32 characters. Then enter a Wi-Fi Password
and click Next.


4.When this screen appears, the setup is complete.Writ down your Wi-Fi Security Settings information for future reference. Click the Save button to save your settings.


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