Jan 07

The D-Link DIR-510L can be used as a portable charger to recharge your mobile devices on the go, including high-powered devices such as tablets.

Step 1: Slide the ON/OFF/CHARGER switch on the top of the DIR-510L to CHARGER.

Step 2: Plug your device into the USB port of the D-Link DIR-510L. Check your device to make sure it is now charging.

Note: If the battery LED is red, you will need to charge the DIR-510L. Actual usable capacity may vary depending on charging conditions.

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Dec 14

If you have attached one or more USB devices (such as a 2.5” US B drive) that draws a total of 0.7A or more power, the power adapter will not supply enough voltage to charge the D-Link DIR-510L while simultaneously powering the USB devices. Check your USB devices’ power usage specifications and disconnect if necessary.




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Jan 07

You can charge your iPhone and Android phones when you are on the go with the D-Link DIR-510L.

Step 1. Selec the “Charger” position on the schitch Mode slider, make sure the DIR-510L is either charged (Green LED indicator) or plugged in. (If the battery LED is red, you need to charge the DIR-510L.)

Step 2. Plug your Smartphone into one of  the USB ports on the DIR-510L.*


*Note: Use USB port 1A (1000 mA) for charging other mobile devices, like tablets. Please refer to product specifications for USB charging requirements.


To determind how much change is left on your DIR-510L see the Battery LED indicator color:

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Nov 01

You can share files with other computers or devices on your wireless network by connecting a USB thumb drive to the router D-Link DIR-510L and using the free mydlink SharePort™ app.

1. Use your iOS or Android mobile device to scan the corresponding QR code, allowing you to download the free mydlink SharePort™ app from the App Store or Google Play.



If you do not have a QR code reader, search online for mydlink SharePort at the App Store or Google Play.

Note: To connect remotely to the mydlink SharePort™ app, you need a mydlink account.

2. From the Current Status page, navigate to Settings > mydlink to create a free mydlink account and register your device(s).

Go to www.mydlink.com for more information.


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