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DPG-1200 Description:

D-Link’s PC-on-TV Media Player DPG-1200 allows you to stream movies, photos, and music wirelessly from your PC to your home entertainment system. Everything’s better from the comfort of a couch.



Watch movies, TV shows or share photos with friends and family on your big screen TV. You can even watch Internet videos from your favorite web sites1.


Today, there are numerous music and movie file formats so it can be a bit overwhelming. Many popular media players only allow for certain file formats to be played on their device. The PC-on-TV takes care of this problem by simply streaming the file playing on your PC to your big screen TV2.


With multiple video outputs to choose from, the PC-on-TV can connect to almost any TV. Whether you have a TV with RCA (composite) inputs, or a brand new LCD TV with VGA or component inputs, the PC-on-TV can connect to it.


The PC-on-TV allows you to connect to a network- enabled computer located in a different part of the house. Connect to your notebook that is in your bedroom or the desktop computer sitting in the office. Control your PC from your TV using the included remote and play movies or launch applications like you would with a mouse.

DPG-1200 Reviews:

1.”As an IT Professional, I like this product.” by dapresley

Pros: I do not have cable and use the product to watch streaming video over the Internet. With my high speed connection, the performance is consistent enough for me. I own 2 DPG-1200 devices.

Cons: It is not compatible with Windows 7. I phoned tech support and was told that they are working on bringing it up to this level.

Summary: If you are a technical person with a high speed Internet connection, this product works as advertised. It is also a bargain for the price. Fry’s Electronics sells it for $99. I read the other reviews, which are very negative. The installation was no more trouble for me than any that involve several components.

2.”Great concept, but nowhere near ready for Prime Time” by johnk5k

Pros: A simple network interface for audio/video is exaclty what we need

Cons: VERY fickle installation, terrible customer support. MAJOR audio driver problem.

Summary: 2 Thumbs up for concept, but certainly not ready for prime time.
The current (March 2009) release version of the DPG-1200 is very fickle, installation can be nightmarish. It reconfigures your audio and video drivers so that in the final step of the installation wizard you can?t even find the finish button! Multiple hits on the ENTER key usually work, but if you panic and default out of the install it is Control Panel time because you are left with no audio, and an 800 x 600 display.

The most subtle but unacceptable problem with the DPG-2100 is the D-Link PC2TV audio driver which emphasizes your low frequency (bass) so severely that you?ll think that there is something very wrong with your stereo, this problem alone puts the DPG on the scrapheap until D-Link gets it figured out.

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Mar 08

1.Why do WHQL certification messages appear during installation?

During the driver installation, you may see WHQL warning massages. The PC-on-TV device drivers have received certification, but may be in the process of being re-certified for this latest version. Click Yes to these messages.

2.Does Power-Save mode interfere with PC-on-TV device operations?

Most laptops have a power management feature (power-save mode) that allows the management of power to its subsystems when the laptop is running on battery power.

One of the settings is to put the onboard wireless adapter on “power save mode”. When this is enabled (default setting in most cases), it makes the wireless adapter go to sleep several times a second to reduce power consumption. This behavior is acceptable for data but for ‘real time’ applications, like graphics & video display, there is significant adverse impact on the link quality and performance required for this type of application.

When the PC-on-TV device application is launched, it disables the “power save” feature of the wireless adapter and enables it when the application is exited. This only applies if the feature is enabled at the time of PC-on-TV device launch.

3.Why does the background text resolution look unclear when video is playing in Windowed mode?

The software algorithm automatically detects video playing and optimizes for video rather than text/graphics. Quality text/graphics resume whenever the mouse is moved.

4.The recommended player is installed, but it still doesn’t work?

Check to see if DirectDraw is enabled:

Step 1: Open Windows® Start, Run, and type: dxdiag

Step 2: Wait for the diagnostic to run.

Step 3: Click on the Video 2 tab, which should correspond to the PC-on-TV device.

If DirectDraw is disabled, click on the Enable button. The DirectDraw players such as PowerDVD should now work.

5.What is the best mode for viewing pictures and presentations?

Pictures and presentations (such as Microsoft Power Point) are best displayed using “Photo” mode. This option can be selected from the main dialog interface by clicking on the “Photo” button.


6.How can I play a DVD in extended mode?

To play a DVD in extended mode, enable DirectDraw: 

  • 1.Open Windows Start menu and select Run.
  • 2. Enter the following command: dxdiag
  • 3. Go to the Display tab and click the Enable button.

7.How do I remove the black border around my TV screen when using the DPG-1200 (PC to TV)?

Enabling “Auto Scaling” on your TV will remove the black border around your TV. If your TV does not support this feature a small black border will be displayed around your Television screen.

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