Mar 09

D-Link DPH-50U Skype™ USB Phone Adapter Features:

•Receive/make both regular telephone and Skype calls on the same phone
•In-call switching, conference calling, call forwarding, and toll bypassing
•Use Skype™ to talk to other Skype users anywhere in the world for free1


How to install it on Windows Vista and Windows 7?

Step 1: Extract (unzip) the drivers you downloaded to a folder on the desktop.

Step 2: Double click on the Setup.exe file and install the utility. Click on Finish.

Step 3: Plug the D-Link VoIP Adapter onto the computer. The New Found Hardware Wizard will pop up. Click on “Locate and install driver software”.

Step 4: Browse my computer for software (Advanced).

Step 5: Browse to the location of the drivers, select the DPH-50U folder and click next.

Step 6: Windows Security alert will pop up. Click on install this driver software anyway.

Step 7: A New Found Hardware Wizard- VoIP Audio Device will pop up again. Select “I do not have the disk. Show me other options.

Step 8: Select the second option that says “Browse my computer for driver software (Advanced)”.

Step 9: Browse to the location of the drivers and select the DPH-50U folder.

Step 10: Click next and select “Install this driver software anyway “on the Windows software verification page.

Step 11: Click on Finish to complete the software installation.

Step 12: You will get a message confirming that the software has been successfully installed.

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