Mar 10

How to find the drivers for the DSB-H4 or DSB-H7 on you web site

Make sure you do not plug any USB devices in the hub during hub installation. In most cases, Windows is asking for drivers for devices plugged into the hub, not the hub itself.

The driver for this USB hub and all other D-Link USB hubs is part of the installed driver set for the USB controller on your computer. This means that the drivers are supplied (built-in) by the operating system. If you have been using USB devices on your computer the drivers are already installed. However, it is possible that your OS may request drivers when installing the hub. In that case you must point the installation wizard to the Windows CD. Since these drivers are supplied by the operating system, D-Link is not allowed to distribute these files. If you continue to have problems installing drivers for your USB controller, please contact Microsoft for assistance.


It is basically the same story with Macintosh. You can also get the USB drivers or a patch as the case may be from the Apple web site.

How computer start up with DSB-H4 attached

With the power adapter always on, when the PC is shut down and then restarted, some motherboards will not boot up.

Reasons: The USB 5V is being feedback, sinking to the motherboard.

Symptoms: Some motherboards will exhibit power LED staying on or HDD LED staying on. With 5Vs feeding back into the computer from the DSB-H4, the power good signal on the motherboard is always on. In some motherboard designs, a power good signal is delayed , so the motherboards will not boot up until the USB cable or power cable is removed from the DSB-H4. Some motherboards do not have this issue because the USB port has diode protection.

Fix: To fix the problem you will have to remove the power supply along with the USB cable and restart your computer. Once restarted you can then plug everything back in.

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