Mar 19

With firmware version 1.4 or later you can now use the console port and a terminal emulation program to reset the unit-¦s admin account and/or passwords.

There are two scenarios where this comes in handy:

Scenario 1: The controller comes with a default administrator account called “admin” with password “admin”. If you change this password and forget what it is, then you will need to use the console port to change it back to the default (password=admin).

Scenario 2: You may delete the admin account, but only after creating a new admin-equivalent account and password. If you forget the password for this new admin-equivalent account, then you will need to use the console port to change the xStack Storage unit back to the defaults (username=admin, password=admin).

During the boot-up process, while watching the console, there are two points where you can break into the process. It is during the second break point where you can hit any key to have a selection of options including resetting the unit to factory defaults. (You must have physical access to the xStack Storage unit itself to do this.)

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Mar 18

Step 1: Open your web browser and log into your D-Link DSN series SAN ( the default IP address is

Step 2: Click on System Administration on the left hand side of the screen

Step 3: Click on the Control Tab

Step 4: Click on Restore Factory Defaults

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Mar 18

Step 1: Access the SAN by typing in the Management Port IP of the SAN into a web browser. Click on the Click Here link to run the xStack Storage now.


Step 2: Log into the SAN


Step 3: Once you have logged in, click on the Volume Creation Wizard link located in the left window pane.


Step 4: The create Volume Wizard will pop open. Click on Next


Step 5: Create a Name for the volume. You will have the option to configure the volume to your specific needs. In this example we will select “Help me choose the best volume organization“.


Step 6: Click Next to Walk me through the choices…


Step 7: If the Data is very Important we will select Very Important


Step 8: Click Next for Complete Copy


Step 9: Select No if you want to use the fewest drives possible.


Step 10: Select the desired size of the volume and click Next


Step 11: If you have an Initiator currently active you can Specify and select a certain Initiator or Grant access to an Initiator not on the list, or even Grant access to ALL initiators. Click Next


Step 12: Click Finish and Close.



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Nov 23

Step 1: Open a browser and log into your DSN-Series SAN (the default IP address is

Step 2: Click on Network Settings on the left hand side of the screen

Step 3: Select the Management Port

Step 4: Change the IP address to your desired value and click Apply to save the changes

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Nov 19

Step 1: Open a browser and log into your D-Link DSN Series SAN (default IP address is 2:- Click on System Administration on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 3:-Click on the User Accounts Tab and enter your new password.

Step 4:-Click the Apply button to save changes.


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