Apr 03

NOTE – The recovery process will need the following:

• Console Cable
• tftp server
• Firmware – Download the latest firmware on our website
• PuTTy

Step 1 – Connect the serial port of the DSR with your PC and an Ethernet cable to a port on the DSR and connected to a switch on the same network

Step 2 – Open the tftp server and put the firmware of the DSR into the root folder

For example: C:\Program Files\Tftpd64


Step 3 – Open PuTTy and setup a COM port with the following settings:


Step 4 – Once configured, click on “Open” to show the following:

Step 5 – Once you see the boot process and see the message “Hit any key to stop autoboot:” hit the enter key to enter the bootloader#


Set the environment variables (Copy and paste into CLI):

Step 6 – Enter the following command to set the DSR to the subnet of host


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv ipaddr

Step 7 – Enter the following command to the IP of the host where the tftp resides


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv serverip

Step 8 – Enter the following command to set all tftp transfers on LAN ports


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv ethact octeth0

Step 9 – Enter the following command to firmware flash and erase


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv firm_flash ‘erase BDCA0000 BF99FFFF; cp.b 0xaa00000 BDCA0000 1D00000’

Step 10 – Enter the following command to boot firmware

D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv boot_firm ‘cp.b BDCA0000 0xaa00000 900000; bootoctlinux 0xaa00200 mtdparts=phys_mapped


o setenv bootcmd ‘run boot_firm’

Step 11 – Enter the following command to sabe


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# saveenv

TFTP the image and flash it:

Step 12 – Enter the following command:


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# tftp 0xAA00000 DSR-1000N_A1_FW1.09B61_WW (this is the FULL name of the firmware as shown below)


You should also notice the tftp server starting the file transfer (if not, make sure the firewall is disabled or an antivirus program is not blocking)


Step 13 – Enter the following command to run flash firmware and wait until complete


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# run firm_flash

Step 14 – Enter the following command to boot firmware


D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# run boot_firm

Once the flashing of the image is complete, you will see the u-boot prompt again. At this moment you can now power cycle the DSR.

Step 15 – Login


DSR-1000N login: admin
Password: admin

Welcome to DSR-1000N Command Line Interface
D-Link DSR>

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Jun 21

Compatible with IPV6, new router offers a green, scalable approach to wireless networking

D-Link has launched the DSR-1000N Unified Services Router to offer businesses secure networking across multiple branches.

The company hopes that the new offering will help businesses securely and reliably connect branch offices and remote workers to the corporate network.

The D-Link DSR-1000N offers comparable performance to traditional wired networks, said the company.


Owing to its affordability, the router suits small-to-medium sized businesses looking to wirelessly connect their branch offices and remote workers securely.

D-Link’s DSR-1000N comprehensive ‘out-of-the-box’ security features allows the creation of a fully-featured Virtual Private Network (VPN) engine. It also provides an enterprise-class, subscription-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), said the company.

The DSR-1000N also has energy-saving features, including a WLAN Scheduler and intelligent green Ethernet technology. The router offers load balancing and fault tolerance for networks that provide critical services.

The DSR-1000N delivers business recovery in case of loss of Internet connectivity by integrating a dualband Wireless N access point and supporting 3G mobile connectivity via a D-Link 3G USB dongle. It has an additional USB port is also available for connecting and sharing a printer or a USB hard drive over the network.

D-Link’s DSR-1000N is IPv6 certified which allows users to take advantage of the advanced security mechanisms embedded in this new protocol. It is priced from the suggested retail price (SRP) of £394.49.

D-Link UK & Ireland General Manager Chris Davies said not only will the new router offer secure remote connectivity for businesses, but through the 3G-based back-up data connection, it offers a robust and cost-effective level of business continuity.

Davies said, “Moreover, the DSR-1000N has a number of high-end energy-saving features and is also fully compliant with IPv6 networks, meaning that there will be no requirement for businesses to replace their routers while upgrading from IPv4 to IPv6 in the future.”

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