Dec 30

Note: If the DWC-1000 is managing access points, the access points should be upgraded before proceeding with the controller.

Step 1: Download the firmware for the DWC-1000 from Save and extract the firmware file to a known location on the computer.

Step 2: Log into the setup page of the DWC-1000.

Step 3: Go to the Tools tab, and select Firmware.

Step 4: Click on Browse, and select the firmware file where it was saved. Click the Upgrade button. The firmware upgrade will start, and do not power down the controller or refresh the web page. Once the upgrade is completed, the controller will restart and the page will refresh.

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Nov 26

Step 1: Log into the setup page of the D-Link DWC-1000

Step 2: Click on the Advanced tab > AP Profile

Step 3: Select Profile and click on Configure SSID


Step 4: Select The Radio that you want to apply the SSID to and select SSID


Step 5: Save Settings

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Nov 24

Step 1: Log into the setup page of the D-Link DWC-1000

Step 2: Click on the Advanced Tab > SSID’s

Step 3: Set SSID Name and click on Add


Step 4: Configure desired wireless security settings

Note: If configuring multi-ssid w/VLANs, ensure to specify the appropriate VID for the respective VLAN


Step 5: Click Save Settings

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Oct 30

Step 1: The D-Link DWC-1000 will need to be registered with D-Link. The registration site is


Step 2: Once logged into the registration site, click on License Key Activation on the left.


Step 3: The OBU and Customer fields cannot be changed on the License Activation page. Enter the Serial Number of the DWC-1000 that will have the license. Enter the 20 digit license key into the License Key field. ClickGet Activation Code to complete the registration, and you will receive an email within 24 hours containing your Activation Code.


Step 4: Log into the setup page of the DWC-1000.

Step 5: Click on the Tools tab, and select License on the left side.


Step 6: Enter the received key in the Activation Code field. The DWC-1000 will show any applied licenses on this page. The DWC-1000 will support 1 VPN, and up to 3 AP6 licenses.


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Oct 29

Step 1: Log into the setup page of the DWC-1000.

Step 2: Go to the Advanced tab. Click on AP Profile.


Step 3: The Profile Status shows the current state of the profile:

  • Configured: The AP Profile is created, but no access points are associated to the Profile
  • Associated: The AP Profile is applied to the access points
  • Associated – Modified: The AP Profile has been modified, but changes haven’t been applied to the APs

Step 4: Check the checkbox for the desired AP Profile. Click on the Apply button.

A message will appear stating the APs will restart, and clients will be disconnected during this time. Click Ok to proceed with pushing out the profile to the APs.


Step 5: When the profile has been pushed to the APs, the Profile Status will change to Associated.

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