Jul 30

Step 1: Save all your changes and reload the switch.

Step 2: When you see the Auto boot in 2 seconds message, press Return or Esc to abort the boot process and enter prom.

Here you will see the following options:

Startup Menu

[1] Download Software
[2] Erase Flash File
[3] Password Recovery Procedure
[4] Enter Diagnostic Mode
[5] Set Terminal Baud-Rate
[6] Stack menu
[7] License menu
[8] Back

Step 3: Select option # 7, License menu, and press Enter

Here you will see the following options:

License menu

[1] Add license
[2] Remove license
[3] Show license
[4] Back

Step 4: Select option # 1, Add license, and press Enter.

Step 5: Enter your license number and press Enter.

The License number will be in the following format:
N1-0013463CBACB-25-0-79109C235845B9A5 (This is an sample. it is not a working key)
Key starts with N1 (all letters are capitalized).

Step 6: After adding the key, select option #3, Show License, to confirm the key is entered correctly.

Step 7: Select the back option until the POST process resumes.

Now you are able to access the WLAN portion of the switch.

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