Nov 29

My Internet Connection:

Select Dynamic IP (DHCP) to obtain IP Address information automatically from your ISP. Select this option if your ISP does not give you any IP numbers to use. This option is commonly used for cable modem services such as Comcast and Cox.

Host Name:

The Host Name is optional but may be required by some ISPs. Leave blank if you are not sure.

Use Unicasting:

Check the box if you are having problems obtaining an IP address from your ISP.

DNS Servers:

Enter the Primary and secondary DNS server IP addresses assigned by your ISP. These addresses are usually obtained automatically from your ISP. Leave at if you did not specifically receive these from your ISP.


Maximum Transmission Unit – you may need to change the MTU for optimal performance with your specific ISP. 1500 is the default MTU.

MAC Address:

The default MAC Address is set to the Internet port’s physical interface MAC address on the Broadband Router. It is not recommended that you change the default MAC address unless required by your ISP. You can use the Clone Your PC’s MAC Address button to replace the Internet port’s MAC address with the MAC address of your Ethernet card.

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