Jan 29

Note: SMTP uses a standard port which is port 25. There isn´t an option to add or change the port. If your SMTP server uses a port other than port 25 then it will not be compatible.

The following instructions provide an example of how Email Settings on D-Link DIR-660 should be setup, the default port used is 25.

Step 1: Log into the router.

Note: For the DIR model routers, the Email Settings can be found under the TOOLS tab.


Step 2: Click the checkbox next to Enable Email Notification.

Step 3: Configure the following under the EMAIL SETTINGS section:


•From Email Address: Enter in an address where you would like the email to show from.
•To Email Address: Enter where you would like the email to be sent.
•SMTP Server Address: Enter the SMTP server address.
•Enable Authentication: If your server requires authentication, click the checkbox.
•Account Name: Enter the required information.
•Password: Enter the required information.

Step 4: Finally, you can have the log emailed to you when it is full by checking the On Log Full: option and/or use a schedule that was previously created to email the log to the email address that was provided.


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