Jul 29

D-Link’s DGS-2208 8-port Switch is greener than ever and can save you both power and money.

The DGS-2208 provides three key benefits through its cutting edge, innovative D-Link Green eco-friendly technology:

  • Reduces power consumption & creates less heat
  • Extended product life
  • Reduces operating costs


Power Savings by Cable Length

D-Link Green verified switches have the ability to analyze the length of any Ethernet cable connected to them for adjustment of power usage accordingly. Shorter lengths require less power.

Power Savings by Number of Connected Ports and Link Status

Computers do not require Internet access all the time; neither do switches utilize all ports at all times. When a computer or network equipment is shut down, switches often remain on and continue to consume considerable amounts of power. With D-Link Green Technology, D-Link switches can automatically detect link status and reduce power usage of ports that are idle. Computers or any connecting parties set to standby mode (not power off), however, will not provide significant power savings.

Overall Power Savings Per Day

For a traditional switch, power consumption remains constant even when the ports are not in use. In a standard workday scenario where PCs are used for 10 hours a day and powered off 14 hours a day, and connected to the switch using 20 meter cables, D-Link Green Technology can save up to 40%* power used for each system.

It’s Geektime DGS-2208 reviews

Our first product review for Its Geek Time is this nifty gigabit network switch brought to you by D-Link. For years D-link has taken a back seat to bigger companies like Linksys and Netgear for home network equipment. In recent years D-Link has increased their product quality and can contend with the big guys on an equal footing. This switch is a product that proves that.

The first thing to note about this switch is it is a gigabit switch with 8 ports for less than $50. A comparable Netgear or Linksys switch will cost you much more money. The other important thing about its speed is you can connect 10/100 devices to it and not lose gigabit connectivity to gigabit enabled devices that are also connected to it. On older gigabit switches, the switch would throttle down to the slowest device connected to it.

Another new feature on this switch is its power saving feature. Ports that are not in use are turned off so the device uses less power over all. This turns into cost benefits from less electricity usage, less heat generated by the product, and a longer life span due to less wear and tear. In an age where electricity prices are at an all-time high, anything that saves power is a welcome addition to many homes and offices.

In conclusion, this switch is recommended for any home network or small office network that is on a budget and wants gigabit functionality.

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