Sep 13

In some countries, hotel rooms are connected via a LAN cable and Wi-Fi may be an optional paid service. That’s nice for a laptop, but what happens when you have a tablet or smartphone that you want to connect wirelessly?

A pocket router like the D-Link DIR-506L may be the answer.

Launched here late last week, this little gizmo lets you share a connection wirelessly among roommates at a hotel and even works on a rechargeable battery. You can plug it into a wall jack, but if you really want to bring it along on the go, it can be charged via USB as well.

Share an Internet connection on the go with this D-Link pocket router

Share an Internet connection on the go with this D-Link pocket router

But more than just a router, the D-Link DIR-506L has a built-in Shareport feature that lets you wirelessly share the contents of a hard drive or thumb drive plugged to its USB port.

In other words, if you got files to share, say, photos that you and your project group require on the road, this S$89 gadget will let everyone have them while you are all on the bus travelling from one place to another.

Finally, the DIR-506L can also double up as a tiny, unobtrusive repeater for your Wi-Fi network at home. In this mode, it merely helps to extend your wireless network while staying neatly out of sight.

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Mar 06

This article applies to the D-Link DSR-250N / DSR-500 / 500N / 1000 / 1000N:

Symptom: You cannot access the router‘s web-configuration interface from a PC on your LAN.

Recommended action:

1. Check the Ethernet connection between the PC and the D-Link router.

2. Ensure that your PC‘s IP address is on the same subnet as the router. If you are using the recommended addressing scheme, your PC‘s address should be in the range to

3. Check your PC‘s IP address. If the PC cannot reach a DHCP server, some versions of Windows and Mac OS generate and assign an IP address. These auto-generated addresses are in the range 169.254.x.x. If your IP address is in this range, check the connection from the PC to the firewall and reboot your PC.

4. If your DSR Series router‘s IP address has changed and you don‘t know what it is, reset the router configuration to factory defaults (this sets the firewall‘s IP address to

5. If you do not want to reset to factory default settings and lose your configuration, reboot the router and use a packet sniffer (such as Ethereal™) to capture packets sent during the reboot. Look at the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets to locate the router‘s LAN interface address.

6. Launch your browser and ensure that Java, JavaScript, or ActiveX is enabled. If you are using Internet Explorer, click Refresh to ensure that the Java applet is loaded. Close the browser and launch it again.

7. Ensure that you are using the correct login information. The factory default login name is admin and the password is password. Ensure that CAPS LOCK is off when entering this information.

Symptom: D-Link Router does not save configuration changes.

Recommended action:

1. When entering configuration settings, click Apply before moving to another menu or tab; otherwise your changes are lost.

2. Click Refresh or Reload in the browser. Your changes may have been made, but the browser may be caching the old configuration.

Symptom: Router cannot access the Internet.

Possible cause: If you use dynamic IP addresses, your router may not have requested an IP address from the ISP.
Recommended action:

1. Launch your browser and go to an external site such as

2. Access the firewall‘s configuration main menu at

3. Select Monitoring > Router Status.

4. Ensure that an IP address is shown for the WAN port. If is shown, your firewall has not obtained an IP address from your ISP. See the next symptom.

Symptom: Router cannot obtain an IP address from the ISP.

Recommended action:

1. Turn off power to the cable or DSL modem.

2. Turn off the router.

3. Wait 5 minutes, and then reapply power to the cable or DSL modem.

4. When the modem LEDs indicate that it has resynchronized with the ISP, reapply power to the router. If the router still cannot obtain an ISP address, see the next symptom.

Symptom: Router still cannot obtain an IP address from the ISP.

Recommended action:

1. Ask your ISP if it requires a login program — PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) or some other type of login.

2. If yes, verify that your configured login name and password are correct.

3. Ask your ISP if it checks for your PC’s hostname.

4. If yes, select Network Configuration > WAN Settings > Ethernet ISP Settings and set the account name to the PC hostname of your ISP account.

5. Ask your ISP if it allows only one Ethernet MAC address to connect to the Internet, and therefore checks for your PC‘s MAC address.

6. If yes, inform your ISP that you have bought a new network device, and ask them to use the firewall‘s MAC address.

7. Alternatively, select Network Configuration > WAN Settings > Ethernet ISP Settings and configure your router to spoof your PC‘s MAC address.

Symptom: Router can obtain an IP address, but PC is unable to load Internet pages.

Recommended action:

1. Ask your ISP for the addresses of its designated Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Configure your PC to recognize those addresses. For details, see your operating system documentation.

2. On your PC, configure the router to be its TCP/IP gateway.

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Aug 10

This wizard will guide you through a step-by-step process to configure your new D-Link Camera and connect the camera to the Internet.Click Next to continue.


DHCP Connection (by default), where your DHCP server will automatically assign dynamic IP to your device.

• Static IP Address allows you to manually enter your network settings for the camera.

PPPoE connection, where your camera is directly connected to the Internet through a DSL modem.

Note: Input the DNS information if you have chosen and assigned a Static IP Address for your camera.


Click Next to continue.

If you have a Dynamic DNS account and would like the camera to update your IP address automatically, enable DDNS and enter your host information.Click Next to continue.


Enter a name for your NETGEAR camera. Click Next to continue.


Configure the correct time to ensure that all events triggered, captured and scheduled at the right time. Click Next to continue.


This page displays your configured settings. Click Apply to save and activate the setting, or Back to change your settings.


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Jul 20

Some pepole using a D-Link Lan-switch such as D-Link DES-1228P,he can’t share Internet connection,If you are connecting directly to a Cable or DSL modem, you will need a router to share your Internet connection or a computer using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or Proxy. Switches and hubs do not allow you to share a single IP address to multiple computers.

Another alternative is to contact your ISP and purchase extra IP addresses for each additional computer.

Here for a list of D-Link Routers :

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