Sep 24

By default, D-Link devices use WPA2 (AES) and will connect if your client supports it. If your iOS device detects that your D-Link router, access point, or range extender is using a mixed security mode (WPA/WPA2), the warning message is displayed even though you are connected using WPA2 (AES) security.


Some models will receive firmware upgrades to allow you to select WPA2-Personal (or WPA3) instead of using a WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. Note that older clients that do not support WPA2 (AES) will not be able to connect to your WiFi network.


The latest version of firmware for the models below have fixed this issue:


  • DAP-1620 (Rev B)
  • DAP-1820
  • DAP-1755
  • DAP-1955
  • DAP-X1870
  • DIR-1260
  • DIR-1750
  • DIR-1950
  • DIR-2150
  • DIR-2680
  • DIR-L1900
  • DIR-X1560
  • DIR-X1870
  • DIR-X4860
  • DIR-X5460


Future firmware fixes will be available for the D-Link DIR-3060 and DIR-X1860.

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Feb 23

To turn off the auto-renew feature or cancel your D-Link mydlink cloud recording subscription, follow the steps below:


Note: Once cancelled, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. Also, this process will not refund your money. 





Step 1: On your device, open the Play Store app. Make sure you are signed in with the Google account you used to subscribe (not necessarily your mydlink email).


Step 2: In the upper left, tap the menu icon (3 horizontal lines).



Step 3: Tap Subscriptions and then tap the mydlink subscription.



Step 4: Tap Cancel Subscription.





Step 1: Go to the device Settings.



Step 2: Tap iTunes & App Store.



Step 3: Tap Apple ID:.and then tap View Apple ID.



Step 4: Tap Subscriptions and find the mydlink app. Tap Cancel Subscription.



Step 5: Tap Confirm.


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Feb 12

The following setup is for iOS users only.


Note: Before set up, please ensure your iPhone/iPad is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you want the D-Link DSH-C310 to connect to.




Step 1:  Power on your DSH-C310 and wait until the power LED starts to flash orange/amber.



Step 2:  Launch the Apple Home app.


Note: The Apple Home app is automatically installed when using IOS version 10.0 or above. If you are using iOS 11.2, please update to 11.2.1 (or higher) since HomeKit experienced some issues in 11.2. 


If you don”t have Home app installed you can download it from the Apple app store on your iPad/iPhone.



Click Get started then click Allow.



Step 3: Tap Add Accessory.


Note: If Bluetooth is turned off on your iPad/iPhone you will be prompt to turn it on.


Click Turn On.



Step 4: The Apple Home app will now search for the camera.


Note: If the camera is not found please reset the camera – How do I reset my DSH-C310 camera?


Tap your DSH-C310 (Omna 180CamHD) camera.



Step 5: Tap Allow.



Step 6: Scan the code on the back of the camera.



Step 7: Tap Next.



Step 8: Tap Done.



Step 9: Tap on your camera under Favorite Cameras to see the live video.



Setup is Complete

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