May 11

IPv6 Firewall

The DIR-810L’s IPv6 Firewall feature allows you to configure which kind of IPv6 traffic is allowed to pass through the device.The DIR-810L’s IPv6 Firewall functions in a similar way to the IP Filters feature.

Enable Checkbox:

Check the box to enable the IPv6 firewall simple security.

Configure IPv6 Firewall:


Select an action from the drop-down menu.


Enter a name to identify the IPv6 firewall rule.


Use the drop-down menu to select the time schedule that the IPv6 Firewall Rule will be enabled on. The schedule may
be set to Always, which will allow the particular service to always be enabled. You can create your own times in the Tools > Schedules section.


Use the Source drop-down menu to specify the interface that connects to the source IPv6 addresses of the firewall rule.

IP Address Range:

Enter the source IPv6 address range in the adjacent IP Address Range field.


Use the Dest drop-down menu to specify the interface that connects to the destination IP addresses of the firewall rule.


Select the protocol of the firewall port (All, TCP, UDP, or ICMP).

Port Range:

Enter the first port of the range that will be used for the firewall rule in the first box and enter the last port in the field in the second box.

IPv6 Routing

This page allows you to specify custom routes that determine how data is moved around your network.

Route List:

Check the box next to the route you wish to enable.


Enter a specific name to identify this route.

Destination IP/Prefix Length:

This is the IP address of the router used to reach the specified destination or enter the IPv6 address prefix length of the packets that will take this route.



Enter the metric value for this rule here.


Use the drop-down menu to specify if the IP packet must use the WAN or LAN interface to transit out of the Router.


Enter the next hop that will be taken if this route is used.

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