Sep 19

Some camera models use a solid green light indicator to show connectivity to the network, this happens when the camera obtains an IP address from the local DHCP server and joins the network.

When configuring these cameras to use in a wireless network environments, beware of the following:

  • Wireless network signal can degrade depending upon the position, distance and number of obstacles that exist between the wireless camera and wireless access point location.
  • Wireless signal degradation can affect the bandwidth available for the camera’s normal functions like video transmission.

Because signal degradation does not necessarily means there is no link to the network, the following scenario is possible.

When a camera is setup for wireless connectivity at close proximity to the access point or wireless router, the wireless installation can be confirmed successful.  After moving the camera at the location where it was intended to be setup, the wireless coverage may not be as strong at this location. This forces the camera to only have enough signal from the access point or wireless router to join the network (thus showing a green light indicator ), but not enough signal to initiate video transmission over the link. The following recommendations may help overcome this issue:

  1. Try moving the camera to a location closer to the access point or wireless router
  2. Try moving the router to a location closer to the camera
  3. Make sure to adjust your router’s wireless antennas to the recommended position.
  4. Expand your wireless network using a repeater or wireless extender.

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