Feb 27

My D-Link router DI-624 locked up,Follow these steps to solve the problem:

• A large amount of traffic may lock the router up. Disable any broadcast protocols or unused protocols such as NetBEUI and IPX/SPX.

• Disable UPnP(TM) if not being used on both your computer (ME or XP) and on the router (Tools – Misc).

• Check the log on your router. Is it showing a large amount of traffic? If coming from 1 IP address, you may want to use the IP Filter to block that user.

• Check the log settings and uncheck some of the items the router will report.

• Check your firewall and virtual server settings on the router. Too many may degrade performance of the router.

• Upgrade firmware. If you have the latest version, flash it again.

• Perform a hard reset on the router and reconfigure. With the unit powered on, use a paperclip and hold down the reset button for 10-15 seconds. Release and wait about 20 seconds. DO NOT power off while holding the reset button.

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