Sep 18

1.D-Link DIR-506L Media Server

This feature allows you to share music, pictures and videos with any devices connected to your network. After making your changes, click the Save Settings button.

Enable DLNA Media Server:

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server

Check this box to enable the media server feature.

Media Server Name:

Enter your media server’s name.

2.D-Link DIR-506L Storage Configuration

This page will allow you to access files from a USB external hard drive or flash drive that is plugged into the D-Link DIR-506L from your local network or the Internet using either a web browser or the SharePort Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. You can create users to customize access rights to the files stored on the USB drive. After making changes, click the Save Settings button.

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server and Storage Configuration

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server and Storage Configuration

Enable Shareport Web Access:

Tick this checkbox to enable sharing files stored on a USB storage drive connected to the DIR-506L.

HTTP Access Port:

Enter a port to use for HTTP web access to your files (8181 is the default). You will have to add this port to the IP address of the DIR-506L when connecting.For example:

Allow Remote Access:

Check to enable remote access to your router’s storage.

User Name:

To create a new user, enter a user name. To edit an existing user, use the dropdown box to the right.

Password/Verify Password:

Enter a password you want to use for the account, re-enter the password in the Verify Password text box, then click
Add/Edit to save your changes.

User List:

This section shows existing user accounts. There are admin and guest accounts by default.

Number of Devices:

This section shows you information about the USB storage device plugged into the router.

SharePort Web Access Link:

This will give you a direct link to the web access interface that you can click on or copy and paste.

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