Oct 16

D-Link still sees there being a place for powerline networking, such as a basement home theater, but knows that many of us don’t want an overly clunky set of adapters or to effectively buy a second network. Its new (if slightly awkwardly named) PowerLine AV+ Mini Adapter Starter Kit caters just to that desire for a no-hassle network in places WiFi won’t reach.

The bundle carries a pair of small, 200Mbps adapters that won’t monopolize the wall outlets, a pair of Ethernet cables to link up… and that’s it. Apart from the optional 128-bit AES encryption, there’s nothing else needed to either make a direct connection or graft powerline technology into an existing network. At $60, the already shipping kit is also just low enough in price that there’s very little standing between us and a reliable connection for a console or placeshifter.

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