Mar 11

Step 1: Log into the web interface of your mydlink camera.

Step 2: Click on the Setup Tab at the top and Audio and Video on the left


Step 3: Under Video Profile 3, adjust the Resolution and Quality as desired


Click Save Settings

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Dec 27

The D-viewCam mobile app allows you to view live feeds and playback recorded video from your NVR or Running D-ViewCam software using your Apple or Android Smartphone.

Note: You must be using a D-Link NVR (DNR-322L or DNR-326)

Step 1: Download the D-ViewCam Mobile App from the Apple or Android App Store and launch the App


Step 2: Click on the + icon on the top right to add your NVR


Step 3: Enter your NVR Credentials

  • Server Name: This is an Optional name for your NVR (Used to easily identify specific NVRs in a multi NVR environment)
  • Server Address: Enter the IP address of your NVR
    • Note: If using the APP within the same network enter the private IP address of the NVR (e.g. 192.168.0.x)
    • If using the APP remotely (over the internet or through 3G/4G, you would need to enter the Public/Internet IP address of your Router/Firewall.
      • If using a D-Link router, this can be found under the Status Tab of the routers setup page.
      • Contact your router manufacture or IT administrator for further assistance.
  • Live Streaming Port: 5150
  • Playback Server: 5160
  • Username: Username used to access your NVR
  • Password: Password used to access your NVR

Click Save

Note: If using the D-View Cam Mobile APP over the Internet/3G/4G you will need to open the Live Streaming and Playback Server ports on your router/firewall to allow access to the NVR. Ports 5150 and 5160 are required. (See below for instructions how to open ports on a D-Link router)


Step 4: Select your NVR


Opening Ports on a D-Link router
Step 1: Log into Router- Open Internet Browser and type into the address bar
Step2: Enter Username and Password (default username is admin and there is no password)
Step 3: Click on the Advanced Tab > Virtual Server
Step 4: Check to Enable

  • Name: Enter name for rule (i.e. dviewcam- Streaming)
  • IP address: Enter the IP of the PC running dviewcam (Private IP- E.g.
  • Public: 5150
  • Private: 5150
  • Protocol: All
  • Schedule: Always

Repeat for port 5160


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Nov 27

First, check that your smartphone or tablet is wirelessly connected to the DIR-505.-á Sometimes these devices switch wireless networks without notifying the user.

Next, in the SharePort Mobile app, tap on the Gear icon in the top-right corner to access the SharePort Settings.


Ensure the User Name and Password for your DIR-505 is entered correctly (NOTE: This will be the user name and password used to log into the DIR-505 web interface, and not the wireless name and passphrase.)


If you are still unable to view the contents, reboot your device and open the SharePort Mobile app again.

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Mar 18

D-Link offers an app for your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone (iOS 4.3 or higher) to install and configure your D-Link DIR-845L router.

Step 1:

From your iPad, Touch, or iPhone, go to the iTunes Store and search for ‘D-Link’. Select QRS Mobile and then download it.You may also scan this code to download.

Step 2:

Once your app is installed, you may now configure your router.Connect to the router wirelessly by going to your wireless utility on your device. Scan for the wireless network name (SSID) as listed on the supplied info card. Select and then enter your security password (Wi-Fi Password).

Step 3:

Once you connect to the router, launch the QRS mobile app and it will guide you through the installation of your D-Link DIR-845L router.

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