Sep 30

On some mobile devices, when connected with the D-Link DIR-890L over wi-fi, may take a considerable time duration to load webpages.  This is affecting customers using some internet service providers and not others.  The current work around is to follow the instructions below to disable IPv6 on your Wide Area Network (WAN) port. CAUTION: (this is only possible if you are currently obtaining access to the internet using IPv4 addressing)

Step 1: Open your Internet browser and type the IP address of the router or friendly DNS name (FDNS) in the address bar. The default IP address is and the default FDNS name is “http://dlinkrouter.local”. At the login, enter your password (default password is blank). Use the password set at the initial installation to login to a previously configured D-Link router.




Step 2: Click on Internet under the settings options:

Step 3: Select IPv6 tab.



Step 4: Select My internet connection: pull-down menu for Local connectivity only.




Step 5: Click on Save.  This will save your settings.  Your router will reconfigure it’s internet settings to have IPv6 removed from the WAN port.   There will be a momentary disconnect from the internet as your router completes the changes.




Verification:  When your router has completed the changes, test your mobile device’s load speed of web pages and check for an improvement.

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