Aug 25

D-Link’s DSL-2680 Wireless N 150 ADSL2+ Modem Router is the ideal Internet gateway for ADSL subscribers with basic Internet requirements. The DSL-2680 connects directly into the phone line to provide up to 24 Mbps download speed. The embedded Wireless N 150 technology with up to 150 Mbps makes it suitable for light Internet usage like browsing, emailing, banking and shopping.

This article describes the configuration of the ADSL D-Link DSL-2680R a great modem / router product from D-Link which offers many attractive features such as support for ADSL Mbps downstream and up to 24 1 Mbps upstream (ADSL2 + Standards), the wireless until 54 Mbps and swiches to 4 Ethernet ports integrated 10 / 100;

connect the D-Link DSL-2680R as described below:

  • Connect the power adapter to the connector on the rear panel of the device D-Link DSL-2680R and to the power outlet. The Power LED lights up.
  • Insert one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the rear panel of the D-Link DSL-2680R and the Ethernet port of your computer.
  • Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera) and enter the address Ip the modem in the address bar:

After clicking on “ENTER” or “SEARCH” will appear in the login window: inverire as username e password admin

This will open the HOME where we’re going to click on “Run Wizard“If we follow the Easy Setup, otherwise remaining in theADSL SETUP ——–> SETUP

we can move the bottom of the page and click on MANUAL SETUP

Now we can fill the screen shown below according to the configuration parameters suggested by our ISP

if you do not remember what are you going next article Configuration Parameters

At the end we save the configuration that we have created;

at this point the D-Link DSL-2680R perform by itself is saving the reboot connecting directly to the Internet;

we open our favorite browser and start surfing: the configuration is finished.

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Jun 25

1.Unplug the power to your DSL or Cable modem.

Connect your Wireless N150 Cloud Router DIR-600L

2.Connect an Ethernet cable from the Internet port of the D-Link DIR-600L router to the Ethernet port on your DSL or Cable modem.

Connect your Wireless N150 Cloud Router DIR-600L_2

3.Connect another Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on your computer to one of the LAN ports on the router.

Connect your Wireless N150 Cloud Router DIR-600L_3

4.Plug the power back into your DSL or cable modem. Please wait about one minute before continuing.

Connect your Wireless N150 Cloud Router DIR-600L_4

5.Plug the power adapter into your router and connect to an available power outlet or surge protector.

Connect your Wireless N150 Cloud Router DIR-600L_5

6.After the router has powered up, verify that the Power and Internet LEDs are both lit then continue with the Configuration section on the other side.

There are two ways to configure your DIR-600L router:

A. Web Browser – Use a web browser from your computer.
B. QRS Mobile app – Use a mobile device with the D-Link QRS Mobile app.
Refer to the QRS Mobile Setup section for more information.

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