Aug 10

This wizard will guide you through a step-by-step process to configure your new D-Link Camera and connect the camera to the Internet.Click Next to continue.


DHCP Connection (by default), where your DHCP server will automatically assign dynamic IP to your device.

• Static IP Address allows you to manually enter your network settings for the camera.

PPPoE connection, where your camera is directly connected to the Internet through a DSL modem.

Note: Input the DNS information if you have chosen and assigned a Static IP Address for your camera.


Click Next to continue.

If you have a Dynamic DNS account and would like the camera to update your IP address automatically, enable DDNS and enter your host information.Click Next to continue.


Enter a name for your NETGEAR camera. Click Next to continue.


Configure the correct time to ensure that all events triggered, captured and scheduled at the right time. Click Next to continue.


This page displays your configured settings. Click Apply to save and activate the setting, or Back to change your settings.


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