Jul 20

Delivering better connectivity, security, efficiency and value, as well as IP surveillance cameras, D-Link provides network solutions for the implementation of any IP surveillance project. The company also manufactures switches, storage devices, network security and wireless products. D-Link’s range is now available through Norbain.

D-Link were one of the first manufacturers to recognise the need for more energy-efficient switches. Cutting power consumption without sacrificing performance, D-Link’s ‘Green’ products use fan-less technology that saves energy and reduces failure rates, and feature ‘intelligent’ ports that ration power to where it’s most needed.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches offer unparalleled flexibility and value by delivering power via connecting Ethernet cables to devices such as Access Points, VoIP phones or IP cameras; useful for where power sockets are either unavailable or inconvenient to install.

D-Link offers a wide portfolio of Storage solutions; from easy to manage Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, to high-performance, high-capacity Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions. Cost-effective, they provide centralised data storage accessible from multiple locations on the network or over the Internet.

D-Link’s latest generation of Wireless N products provide bandwidth and transfer speeds comparable to their wired equivalents. Robust enough to be deployed at the very core of a network, they give greatly enhanced reliability and coverage, and include advanced security features to keep organisations safe from intrusion.

D-Link’s range of NetDefend Network Security products provides an all-in-one security package; protecting against viruses, preventing intrusion and filtering content. They can stop access to blacklisted websites, monitor instant messaging and protect remote workers while cutting the time-cost of security management.

Applying their 25 years of networking expertise, D-Link has developed a wide choice of IP Cameras that cater for the needs of any business. Using advanced technology, D-Link IP cameras produce high-resolution images and work in the dimmest of light conditions. They can send instant intrusion warnings 24/7 to a PC, smart phone or any web-enabled device.

“From start-ups through to multi-site operations, D-Link’s broad range of innovative technology offers customisable and flexible solutions,” says Buzz Coates, Norbain’s Divisional Director Branded CCTV. “Whether starting from scratch, extending an existing IP network or upgrading from an analogue installation, D-Link’s networked systems can help installers achieve maximum value with the minimum of cost.”

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