Oct 16

D-Link still sees there being a place for powerline networking, such as a basement home theater, but knows that many of us don’t want an overly clunky set of adapters or to effectively buy a second network. Its new (if slightly awkwardly named) PowerLine AV+ Mini Adapter Starter Kit caters just to that desire for a no-hassle network in places WiFi won’t reach.

The bundle carries a pair of small, 200Mbps adapters that won’t monopolize the wall outlets, a pair of Ethernet cables to link up… and that’s it. Apart from the optional 128-bit AES encryption, there’s nothing else needed to either make a direct connection or graft powerline technology into an existing network. At $60, the already shipping kit is also just low enough in price that there’s very little standing between us and a reliable connection for a console or placeshifter.

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Aug 27

Step 1

Plug the D-Link PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV) into an AC wall outlet (Please do not plug into a power strip or surge protector) in the same room as your current existing Powerline network in order to verify whether your home’s electrical wiring is suitable for the PowerLine network. Turn on the PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV) by pushing the power button located on the side of PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV).

Note: Power source is confirmed when the green LED Power Indicator on the PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV) is illuminated. Network Connectivity is confirmed when the green LED PowerLine indicator on both the DHP-W306AV and the Powerline device are illuminated.

Step 2

Connect the included Ethernet cable to the network cable connector located on the side of the PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV) and attach the other end of the Ethernet cable to the PC.

Step 3

If you applied security on your other Powerline devices and you have plugged in your new D-Link PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV), press the Simple Connect Button on the PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV) for 2 seconds. Then, press the Simple Connect Button on any Powerline devices in your existing network for 2 seconds. This must be done within two minutes after pressing the Simple Connect Button on the PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV).


Note: The PowerLine LED on both D-Link DHP-W306AV and PowerLine devices should blink. Network Connectivity is confirmed when the PowerLine LED indicator on both the DHP-W306AV and the Powerline device are illuminated.

Step 4

(One Touch AP Configuration: Apply the same wireless settings to the DHP-W306AV as your existing Wireless Router or Access Point) Press the WPS button on your existing Router or Access Point. The WPS LED will flash on and off. Then, press WPS Push Button on the DHP-W306AV and hold it for 5 seconds.

Step 5

(Follow if you would like to use the Wireless Settings for your PowerLine that are different from your Wireless Router or Access Point)

To Configure the PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV), open a web browser, enter or http://dlinkap in the address field and then press Enter. When the login window appears, set the user name to Admin and leave the password box blank. Click Log In to continue the setup. Follow the wizard’s instruction to assist you in securing your DHP-W306AV wireless network. Please refer to the “Wireless Setup Wizard” in user manual for detailed installation information.

Step 6

Once network connectivity is confirmed, you can place the DHP-W306AV PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender in a different room of your home. The D-Link DHP-W306AV will retain the security settings even if they are unplugged.

Your Network Setup – PowerLine Adapter



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Mar 07

Network professional D-Link announced a mixture router with 200Mbps energy collection networking and Wi-Fi referred to since the D-Link Hybrid Wireless-N PowerLine Router.

The D-Link Wireless-N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320) blended wired and wireless residence systems in an IPv6-reader router which the organization says provides possibilities to extend residence system protection and appreciate high-bandwidth applications.

D-Link DHP-1320

The DHP-1320 also qualities three 10/100 Ethernet ports, WiFi Protected set up (WPS), produced in QoS engine and is also centered on an Atheros chipset providing the firm’s Hy-Fi modern advances so which you can expand wireless coverage.

D-Link also unveiled a raft of compatible equipment along the lines of the PowerLine AV 4-port change with 200Mb PowerLine networking.

The unit is now accessible in North America and by means of the D-Link on-line store straight wiith an MSRP of $129.99.

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Feb 24

After you have completed the D-Link DHP-301 Utility installation wizard, double-click the D-Link DHP-301 PLC Utility icon on your desktop to start the configuration of the DHP-301.


This tutorial also applies to DHP-300 and DHP-303.

The utility provides you with the option of setting your own unique Network ID and the ability to prioritize traffic passing through the network.


Configure the PLC connected nodes first (the remote DHP-301 which is not connected to the PC), and configure the ETH connected.

node last (the local DHP-301 connected to the PC).
Note: If you configure the ETH node first and change the Net ID or Encryption Key, you will not have access to the PLC nodes.

This screen shows the current configuration of the DHP-301. You can modify any of the parameters and click Next to save your configuration.

• Net ID: Powerline network name (case sensitive).

Default is D-Link DHP-301

• Encryption Key: Powerline network password (alphanumeric).
Default is DHP-301

• Password: Configuration Assistant password (alphanumeric).
Default is admin

• Alias: Device name (case sensitive).
Default is Device 1, Device 2, etc…

Note: Net ID and Encryption Key can be changed to prevent unauthorized access to your powerline network. Make sure the Net ID and Encryption Key of the devices within your powerline network are the same to enable data transmission.

If you are finished configuring this node you need to configure the rest of the PLC nodes before you configure the ETH node.
Click the Next button to continue. Once you have configured all nodes, click Finish to exit the utility.

If you forgot your configuration password, please click cancel and proceed to next step.


To reset your configuration password, please click Reset to restore the password to factory default value.


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Feb 06

Why can´t my two powerline adapters connect?

1. The two adapters must be connected to power outlets and electrical wiring which belong to the same electrical system.

2. Connect the adapter directly to the wall socket instead of a powerstrip/surge protector. Filtering circuits in the surge protector can interfere with power line technology.

Why is my power-line ethernet adapter slower than 200Mbps?

200Mbps is the theoretical physical rate. Actual throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, and network overhead affects actual throughput rate.

Specific factors which may reduce your effective speeds are power fluctuations EM interference from induction motors such as refrigerators, washer/dryer, microwaves, hair dryers, etc.and poor grounding.

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