Feb 02

1.How to turn on printer sharing in Mac OS X 10.3?

Turning Printer Sharing on will allow users on your network to access printers attached to a computer.

All printers listed in your Printer List are shared, whether they are connected directly to your computer or you access them over a network.

Step 1: Open System Preferences and then click Sharing.

Step 2: In the Services pane, select Printer Sharing and then click Start.

2. How do I use the ping utility in Macintosh OS X?

The ping utility is a great tool for troubleshooting the network. This tool is now built into Macintosh OS X.

Step 1: Click on Go > Applications > Utilities.

Step 2: Click on Network Utility and then click the Ping tab.

Step 3: Enter in the IP address you wish to ping in the first field provided. You can either select an unlimited number of pings or send a specific number of pings, then click the ping button.

Step 4: If you receive bytes from… then the destination IP address was successfully hit. If you receive request time out then the destination IP address was not successfully pinged. If you receive destination host unreachable then you are not in the same subnet as the destination address and you will need to change your IP address to communicate with the destination address.


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